Who are the Main Manufacturers of Hang Gliders?

Whether recreational or competitive, hang gliding is an exhilarating sport that brings tons of unparalleled fun to those who want to pursue the skies. Imagine being high above, experiencing a new sense of freedom, and enjoying the awe-inspiring views, it’s simply an aerial quest that everyone must experience in their lifetime.

Of course, like with any other sport, there are essential equipment you will need for hang gliding. And the most vital of among these is the glider itself. Also known as the flexible wing, various manufacturers make this tool, with some boasting a rich history and proven records in providing the best gliders for this high-flyer sport.

In this article, let’s know more about the main manufacturers of hang gliders who help gliders soar through the air with these masterful creations.

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1. Wills Wing

Wills Wing is the world’s largest hang glider manufacturer, having produced over 27,000 hang gliders since its foundation in 1973. Established by brothers by Chris and Bob Wills, the company offers a comprehensive range of hang glider models and sizes to cover any flying style and skill level. Whether you’re an experienced competitive pilot or a recreational expect to have a model to suit you.

What’s great is that you’ll never have to worry about the durability of Will Wings hang glider. Their products are tested and certified to meet the industry airworthiness standards. Adding their keen attention to quality and detail, you can confidently focus on other tasks like videoing your gliding experience or boosting cell signal when doing remote hang gliding, knowing that you’d be flying using the world’s best hang glider.

2. Moyes

Founded by Bill Moyes in 1967, Moyes Delta Gliders is one of the oldest hang glider manufacturers in the world. The company is based in Kurnell, New South Wales, Australia, which initially designed gliders for boat towing. A year later, Bill Moyes flew on his foot-launched wings from Mount Crackenback in the Australian Alps and eventually designed and developed hang gliders. A pioneer glider, Moyes had set many records and won numerous titles, awards, and competitions under his name.

Since then , Moyes Delta Gliders continued to reflect its founder’s excellence and experience, providing the world with the beautifully crafted, high-caliber, and top-performing hang gliders. All their products are thoroughly made and tested to give the utmost safety and durability, while also promising gliders’ the best handling and performance.

3. Icaro 2000

Based in Sangiano, Italy, Icaro 2000 is Europe’s first hang glider manufacturer. It was founded by Alfio Caronti and Peter Skaarup in 1973 and initially produced Bill Moyes’ design. In 1981, it was sold to Gianni Hotz and Franco Garzia. A decade later, the company has already sold 3,000 hang gliders, prompting them to finally create their own designs.

In 1992, Icaro 2000 released its first model called Icaro Brazil. Two years later, it released widely popular and successful Icaro Laminar,  which has stayed in production for over two decades until 2016 and has been used in many world competitions. By 2010, Icaro 2000 has already sold more than 9,000 hang gliders and continues to provide world-class flexible wings until today.


AEROS is an aircraft manufacturer founded by former engineers of the Antonov Construction Bureau in Ukraine. In 1991, they introduced their first product, the Stalker series, a single-place intermediate wing aimed for recreational cross-country flying.

Today, the company sells covers all lines of hang gliders from beginner gliders, intermediate wings, to competition gliders. All that comes with their highly professional approach to design, allowing their products to be at world standards and offer superb performance.

5. North Wing

North Wing is a Washington-based aircraft manufacturer that produces ultralight trikes, light-sport aircraft, and hang gliders. Their design mainly focuses on precise and easy control and handling to make soaring fun. Along with that, they use their experience to continue refining their wings and introduce new innovations to improve safety, heighten performance, and lower costs where possible. Some of their top hang gliders include T2 Tandem, Liberty, Horizon ET, and Freedom, all promising pure flying pleasure!

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6. La Mouette

La Mouette is founded by brothers Jean-Marc Thevenot and Gérard Thevenot in 1974. At the onset, the French aircraft manufacturer based in Fontaine-lès-Dijon only produced versions of the Seagull hang glider from the United States.

Banking on their talent in design and piloting, the siblings introduced the Atlas in 1979. It was a highly successful hang glider that brought safety, performance, and ease of control at a superior level compared to its competitors. More than 8,000 units have been sold until its production was finally halted in 2012. Still, the model remains one of the barometers for hang gliders and is still a top choice for first major flights in schools today.

Other models produced by La Mouette include Profil, Hermes, Racer, Sphinx, and Topless.

7. A-I-R 

A-I-R is most renowned for its Atos hang glider introduced in 1998 as a competition rigid wing, developed with high flight performance, improve stability, and easy handling for all types of pilots. It has become one of the standards for hang gliders with over 4,000 wings sold and remains a favorite for many world-class cross-country flying pilots.

8. Finsterwalder

Based in Munich, Germany, Finsterwalder has been providing top-notch hang gliders since 1974. Its first hang glider was the Finsterwalder Bergfex (Mountain Freak), a high-strength extra lightweight glider that can be broken down without the usage of tools. Most of their current designs are meant to be dismantled to a smaller size for people climbing mountains.

Over the years, the company continued developing its designs and release many other models including the highly maneuverable and high-performing Superfex, the revolutionary Windfex, and the Minifex with fiberglass wingtips. In 1990, they bought Charly has also ventured into producing paragliders, rescue systems, and harnesses.

9. Tecma Sport

Founded in 1982, Tecma Sport is another French air manufacturer that specializes in hang gliders and paragliders. The company’s first model was the Tecma Mirage and Tecma Spirale produced in the same year. Since the Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny-based manufacturer has been producing a wide range of hang glider models including the Tecma Medium, Tecma FX, Tecma F1 Tempo series, Tecma Nimbus, and Tecma Nuage. The company also produces hang glider harnesses and ultralight trikes.

10. Avian Limited

Avian Limited is the United Kingdom’s only hang glider manufacturer. It started in 1989 after its founders Neil Hammerton and Steve Elkins acquired rights to produce Aerial Arts Clubman’s hang glider. Eventually, they developed Avian Elan, which stayed in production for a decade, followed by Avian Rio and Avian Rio 2. Today, the company continues to create both recreational and competition wings, as well as market other products from several manufacturers.

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That caps our list of the main hang glider manufacturers. Who knows you might already be flying or soaring one of their products soon? Regardless of the manufacturer, just be sure to choose a glider that suits you best and enjoy the fun of hang gliding!