Essential Paddleboarding Gear

November 5, 2018

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So, you’ll be paddleboarding for the first time? It’s understandable that you’re excited about it, but don’t let your excitement get in the way of organized planning for your new outdoor adventure.

One of the things that you should do is to make a checklist of the essential items that you will bring to your paddleboarding adventure. That way, you won’t miss out on anything and you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your days – out on the water, paddleboarding to your heart’s content – without any worries.

The basics:

1) Paddle board
Of course, you cannot do your paddleboarding without the the most essential item – the paddle board. It can be either a stand-up paddle board (SUP) or a surfboard, particularly if you’re going to do standup paddleboarding in particular. Paddle boards are either made of pure wood or carbon fiber. Check out this amazing suggestion of paddle boards that you would like to consider: “Top 7 Stand Up Paddleboards.”

2) Paddle
You cannot steer yourself on your paddle board without a good paddle. Aside from standard paddles, there are also adjustable paddles which are are incredibly easy to set up.

3) Personal flotation device (for paddleboarding)
A personal flotation device (PFD) is a wearable lifesaver. It usually comes in either a vest or belt form. PFD’s are not just a basic equipment; in fact, they are even required by law not only on paddle boards but on all other watercrafts. The reason is simple: PFD’s will save your life. If ever you flip over on your paddle board over or it gets carried away by the water, there’s the PFD, which is designed to make your body float until rescue arrives.

4) Leash or legrope
A legrope or a leash can be a small item, but it is a big thing that you should not definitely miss this. Because the leash could literally mean the difference between life and death, particularly if you’re paddling on an unexpected turbulent weather, feel tired or lost, or get accidentally flipped over. Usually, a leash should be longer than your paddleboard. There are two types of leashes: coiled (like the coil of the old telephone) or straight.

4) GoPro
To those who are avidly into vlogging about outdoor activities in particular, the GoPro is a must-have. From tranquil lakes to action-filled white water rafting that beg to photographed and recorded, GoPro is the perfect gear to include in your paddleboarding activity. It takes professional-caliber action photos and videos (with its 12-megapixel camera and 1080p video), can withtand impact and is also waterproof.

5) Clothing and footwear
Wearing the appropriate clothing and footwear for paddleboarding allows you to move more flexibly and keeps you protected.

If you are paddleboarding in a warmer climate or warm waters, you should choose the following set of apparel:

– Rashguard
– Swimsuit, swimming trunks or board shorts
– Sandals, neoprene booties or water shoes
– Headgear
– Sun-shielding hat

You should also bring sunscreen (water-resistant SPF 30+) and lip balm (water-resistant SPF 15+) to keep your skin and lips protected from the sun’s rays. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated so bring along a water bottle or a hydration reservoir. Also, don’t forget to bring some snacks.

If you are paddleboarding in a colder climate or cooler waters, you should wear any the following:

– Thermal top and bottoms
– Neoprene tops and bottoms
– Wetsuit
– Drysuit
– Booties
– Gloves

What Are the Benefits of Paddleboarding?

November 5, 2018

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Paddleboarding, especially standup paddleboarding (SUP) is a fun activity to do especially if you love the outdoors and the water. Most people, who have never taken up any water sport activity before, tend to choose paddleboarding. It’s not a big wonder to see why: it is relatively easy to do compared to other water sports. It’s also an ideal activity for the whole family and friends.

But do you know that paddleboarding brings significant benefits to your health and well-being? If you’re a health freak in particular – or even if you’re not – you may want to take up paddleboarding. Besides, it is a fun and rather adventurous way to keep yourself in shape.

1) It helps promote good balance
The more frequently you do paddleboarding, the better your balance will become, whether you’re on or off the water. Standup paddleboarding in particular is all about balance, and when you’re on the paddleboard you’ll be thrown off into a challenge which requires a lot of core stability. Other than surfing or yoga, no other sport will help you to develop your sense of balance than paddleboarding. Improvements on focus and balance as a result from paddleboarding are certainly beneficial to you in a big way as they help you in handling life’s day-to-day activities and challenges.

2) It provides a good full body workout
Standup paddleboarding allows you to use all of your limbs, as well as your every muscle. Because this sport requires you to keep your balance while standing on the board, you get to use your leg muscles working. Your arms, back and shoulders are used to steer and propel your paddleboard on the water. Standup paddleboarding will also act as a mini-crunch to your abdominal muscles, making and keeping them toned.

3) It helps in reducing stress
Any form of fun physical activity does wonders to reduce stress. And stress, as we all know, causes a lot of health problems including chronic and life-threatening ones such as obesity and heart diseases. And standup paddleboarding on the calm waters (while getting close to nature) does give a healing and therapeutic effect not only to your body, but also to your mind.

4) It gives you plenty of Vitamin D
If you haven’t been out on the sun for a while, you might be lacking in vitamin D. Deficiency in vitamin D can cause several negative health effects including bone and muscle pain, hair loss, fatigue and tiredness, and depression. Standup paddleboarding under the sun (best done during the morning, though) will give you a daily dose of vitamin D, something which you cannot get from eating foods alone.

5) It improves your heart health
Standup paddleboarding can help reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke. It is a low-impact exercise which does wonders to your heart. Paddleboarding for at least 15 minutes per day will help in improving your cardiovascular system.

6) It increases your overall strength
Any physical activity makes you stronger, right? While you will feel soreness in your body after paddleboarding – which is but natural – soreness is actually a good indication. Standup paddleboarding allows you to use every part of your body – not just the arms and the legs – providing them strength.

If you are looking for new things, why not try paddleboarding? It is not only fun, but it also boosts your health and improves your well-being.

You may also try bodyboarding, which is similar to standup paddleboarding ina way. When you’re ready to do bodyboarding, look for “Tips for Bodyboarding at the Beach.”

Paddleboarding Facts That You’d Like to Know

November 5, 2018

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Standup paddleboarding (SUP) is a fun sport which provides you lots of health benefits at the same time. Despite its ancient roots, standup paddleboarding has exploded in popularity just recently. If you are a fan of paddleboarding or are just beginning to learn the sport, check out the fun facts about it that you may not have probably known (but you’d like to):

1) Standup paddleboarding may be called “surfing for the lazy” but that remark doesn’t stop the sport from becoming increasingly popular. As a matter of fact, it became the fastest-growing paddle sport in the US in 2009. In addition, there are about 150,000 Americans who take up the sport. It seems there’s no stopping paddleboarding’s rise in popularity.

2) If you think that paddleboarding reminds you of some other sport, you are not alone. Paddleboarding is a cross between surfing and canoeing, only using a paddleboard or a surfboard instead of canoe or kayak.

3) Paddleboarding is not a recent sport as you think; in fact, paddleboarding traces its origins from the practices of ancient Peruvian fishermen. During the 1500s, Hawaiian surfers would mount on boards that measured as long as five meters, and they required oars or paddles to propel.

4) However, the modern version of paddleboarding that we know today began in Hawaii during the 1940s, when instructors such as Duke Kanahamoku would mount on boards to get better views of the approaching waves as well as other surfers.

The sport was only exclusive to Hawaii for many decades until a man named Rick Thomas brought the paddleboard to California in 2004… and the rest is history.

5) Is there a difference between a paddleboard and a surfboard? At first glance, they may look the same. But if you get to investigate further on the properties of the two boards, you may notice that the stand-up paddleboard has more volume that a surfboard, making the former more buoyant.

6) In 2008, the US Coast Guard classified the paddleboard as a “vessel,” similar to canoes and kayaks. This may probably have been one of the reasons of standup paddleboarding’s surging popularity.

7) Standup paddleboarders under 12 years of age are required to wear a life vest or a life jacket.

8) It’s possible to do standup paddleboarding on a hurricane. Popular dare-devil surfer Laird Hamilton rode the huge, treacherous swells off the Southern California coast during Hurricane Marie in 2014, which a few would dare to do. Despite his “heroics,” this is not something that we would advise you to do!

9) The late stand-up paddleboarding pioneer John Zapotocky is considered the father of modern-day standup paddleboarding. He pursued surfing and paddleboarding for more than 55 years. Even though he was well into his 90s, he was still actively surfing and paddling, becoming the oldest standup paddle surfer ever.

10) Flat-water standup paddleboarding was only recent, being introduced in 2007. There are paddleboards specifically designed for flat-water SUP and touring, and their shape and material are designed to carry additional gear. If you want to paddleboard in a more leisurely way while connecting yourself to nature, this type of SUP is an ideal option.

If you want to know the best places in the US to do standup paddleboarding, check out the suggestions here on this link: Best Places to Standup Paddleboard in the United States

Our favorite extreme sports

August 18, 2018

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Ever since our college days we have loved extreme sport, and we found the best place to do then was in Thailand! We had spent enough time on the beaches of Thailand and island hopping.

Perhaps you know the feeling of being bored on vacation, sitting around all day and thinking about the freedom your vacation should be offering you. Well stop!

These are mine and Pulley’s favorite extreme sports! Hopefully you’ll find something that interests you!

You can try out different extreme sports when you which have all different degrees of risk. May it be an activity to test your speed, strength, flexibility, courage and other aspects, you are sure in for a treat to test your limits and have fun at the same time.

Here are 3 extreme sports you can give a go.


First on our list of thrilling sports to try is wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is a surface water sport and is now gaining much popularity in coastal regions. This sport involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. The wakeboard is a small, mostly rectangular, thin board with very little displacement and shoe-like bindings mounted to it. It was said to have developed from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing techniques.

This sport might be fun but you still need to be safe at all times. Listen very carefully to your instructors as all information is important for your safety. Choose your board size accordingly. Learn to ask questions if needed.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most fun and challenging sports there is. An extreme sport where you need to climb up, down or across natural rock formations or just artificial ones.

Height is one of the biggest factors to consider in this one of a kind climbing activity. Challenge yourself to reach the top and get the flag or step on the top edges/summit of these rock formations without ever falling.

Your endurance also plays a big role in this sport. That is why it is equally important to prepare your body to the extremities of this activity to fully enjoy it. Make sure to wear your harness too just in case you have some slips on the way to the top.

Go Karting

Last but definitely not the least is Go Karting. It is one of my personal favorite types of open-wheel sports.

Speed & accuracy is tested to the extreme here. They are usually raced on scaled-down circuits. Wearing the proper gears and helmets and being aware of your speed will keep you safe while playing this exciting and extreme sport.

What some of your favorite extreme sports? Let us know below.

Ping Pong In Rhode Island

April 6, 2018

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It’s true (and you can stop judging us) – Pulley and I love playing pong. And we make no apologies. Pulley is a particularly good player. He seems to have a great eye, even at great speeds and in difficult conditions. I suppose that’s why he found me as a friend.

It started when we purchased a top rated ping pong table from this guide at Gameroommania.

I, however, can confess that I’m not a ping pong player. This is also why I ended up with Pulley as my bestie (joking of course)! This is why when we play ping pong, I need a few accessories to help me play just a bit better – some sunglasses, a pair of gloves and a lot of water.

I always enjoy our ping pong adventures. We had a particularly great time playing ping pong in Rhode Island last summer. They hold a contest every year where members of the public can compete with top ping pong players just for the fun of getting their butts kicked! I was so desperate to finally see Pulley lose, and he was just as eager to show that he could win.

What happened surprised us and and everyone else around us.

Pulley played 3 top players in a row and beat each and every one of them. The players actually started getting angry and became very competitive, whereas before they were hardly even trying and were still winning.

When they actually started trying however they quickly kicked Pulley’s butt. Success! For me anyway.

Everyone congratulated Pulley on his ability and informed him that had he started when he was young he could have been a top player. Unfortunately, his time has passed and it’s no longer on the cards for him, but I do remember him being very good at ping pong in college.

Perhaps you’ll all hear about Pulley the marvellous ping pong player in the future!

Taste Aversions: Do you have one?

March 8, 2018

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The other day I was reading about something, I think it was hunting binoculars at when an ad popped up (it’s creepy how we are targeted these days!) about taste aversions. Funny, I thought, because I was just researching them the other day. And now an ad pops up promising the answer all my unanswered questions. How convenient, I thought. So naturally I clicked straight through.

What I learned was that a taste aversion occurs when we eat something and have a negative response to it. Basically, when you eat something, it makes you feel sick. Why was I researching this you may ask? Well, here goes my attempt at explaining it.

Back when I was about 5 years old, I went for a walk to the shop with my cousin. We weren’t suppose to go – my parents had a fear that something terrible would happen to me the moment I stepped outside of the house, but we were young and wild, so off we went.

When we finally arrived at the golden arches, all I could think about was one thing – a McFlurry. Oh how beautiful they looked on the commercials, I thought.

This is something I would later regret.

About an hour later, when we were walking home, I vomited. It wasn’t a normal amount of vomit either. It was like my whole body was rejecting the liquid gold that had just been ingested.

When we arrived home, my parents were frantic. I forgot to add, but perhaps you could of gathered, this was before the age of cell phones so there was no way of contacting anyone. Oh what a time to be alive!

Anyway, until this day I can no longe eat McFlurrys. I can’t even look at them.

This happened with beer too but it seemed to go away by itself after a while, or maybe i just pretend it’s gone away.

Want another story? Read about Pulley’s first flight here.

If you have any comments leave them below or contact us here.

Time for Pulley’s first flight! Very funny.

December 27, 2017

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We are back! We had a wonderful time and want to thank all of you for your suggestions. We actually ended up going to all the places we asked advice for! We managed them all in to 4 weeks by choosing the places that interested us most and sticking to them.

I always had this idea that to see a country you need to see the entire country, and that just is not the case. When you arrive somewhere new, there seems to be an overall feeling in that country that makes them individual to the rest. Once you experience this feeling, you will know what I mean.

Something I did not know until we were already on our flight is that this was to be Pulley’s first time flying! I had already traveled several times for work so I was well adjusted to flying, but Pulley had not experienced this.

The bad thing is that he did not alert me to the fact that this was to be his first time flying until we were already in the air! If I had of known, I would have started making jokes months ago. Luckily he was not nervous but incredibly excited. It was like a kid in a candy store. Every noise made him turn his head and he was intrigued by the feeling of gravity.

Pulley actually wanted to be a airline pilot when he was younger so it was a shock for me to learn that he had not flown before. I guess this is why I did not give much thought to it before we left.

So what was our favorite place? We loved Italy, especially Cinque Terre. We had never seen anywhere like that before, and found the people to be so inviting. It also helped that I knew how to speak basic Italian. I had learned Italian at high school and it surprised me how much I remember. It also renewed my interest. I think I will go back and learn Italian again!

We had a great time and can’t wait to plan the next trip. If you have any suggestions where we should go next please let us know!

The long process of planning a vacation

September 1, 2017

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We have some exciting news. We have decided to take a trip together to Europe. We are still in the process of planning but will likely be leaving in December. Both Pulley and I have some time off and we have been wanting to go to Europe together for a while. Whilst life is still relatively easy going, I think now is the perfect time for us to get away.

We are summing up our options and want some advice. As this will be our first time away, we can only go off what others are telling us. I though it would be a good idea to list the places we are thinking of visiting below and getting some opinions on what you all think. We have 4 weeks to have the best vacation of our lives.


We have both wanted to go to Italy for a long time, ever since we saw a special on the Amalfi Coast. We would also be interested in going to Cinque Terre. I think we would consider doing a tour around the country. There seems to be a lot to see in Italy itself and I am sure we would have a wonderful time here. The cities that interest us are Rome, Florence and Venice.


Both of our families backgrounds are British, and so it would only be fitting to see the motherland! We know there is plenty to see and do in London but are a bit worried about the cold and lack of daylight in the winter. Does anyone have any knowledge on this? We would also like to go to the countryside and see an old traditional English town.


We have heard some amazing things about Croatia from friends, and although we wouldn’t have considered it before, it is now on our list. Dubrovnik looks really amazing from what we have seen and heard, and I’m sure we could spend our entire 4 weeks here alone.

What do you think? Where should we go? 

Something Is Keeping Me Up At Night

July 21, 2017

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Weird title, I know… but hear me out.

Lately something has been keeping me up at night. I was letting my mind wander reading some random stuff when it hit me again.

Those of you that know me well won’t even know this, but I have a deep intense fear of eternity. The actual scientific name is Apeirophobia, but let me explain how it affected me.

It started when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I remember waking up in my bedroom in the middle of the night. It would be able 3am in the morning. We lived in a pretty creepy house. It was big and there was a lot of noise, yet I still felt alone. I had recently moved to a room away from my sister. That, coupled with the fact that I’d just gone through something pretty traumatic (a car accident) was perhaps the precursor to what transpired.

Anyway, as I would lay there, awake, alone, I would feel this sudden fear come upon me. It was the fear of death. I didn’t want to die. Well, no one really wants to die. But the more I would think about the concept of death, the more it became apparent that death wasn’t actually the thing I feared – it was the aftermath of eternal nature of death.

I remember explaining my fear to some friends and family. “But when you die, you’ll go to heaven for all of eternity. You’ll live in happiness and love forever, and ever, and ever…” This did nothing to settle the fear inside me. It only made it worse. It pointed towards the very thing I was most afraid of, that no matter what the outcome, no matter what happens after life, it is forever.

This would lead to me hyperventilating and screaming into my pillow. It had to be dark for this to happen. And you know what, the fear hasn’t subsided. To this day, I still suffer occasional panic attack at nighttime when my mind wanders to the concept of eternity. The only thing that differs now is that I’m not scared of dying, I’m more scared of the fact that we are living in eternity. We don’t have to die to experience it, we’re already there. We’re stuck in a loop.

I don’t know what happens next, but I’m damn terrified to figure it out.

Moving house is very stressful

May 29, 2017

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I can officially report that we have moved. I can also report that moving is low at the top of my list for one of the most stressful things I have ever had to do. Not only did it seem to take forever, but there was issue after issue that each needed an equal my attention.

I can’t imagine how stressful it must be when you are moving to another state. Luckily, we were only moving house. After this experience, I don’t see us moving again for a very long time.

Before we began moving, I felt prepared. I was reading up on tips to cope with moving and felt that we would handle it quite well. Let me go through each of these points and tell you how I failed at each of thing.

Firstly, I had to rid of excess clutter. Has anyone noticed that the more clutter you remove, the more there seems to appear? It is like some rip in the space-time continuum. If I threw something out, I seemed to find two more. I never saw myself as a hoarder, but the evidence is stacking that I may be just that.

Next I had to pack with a plan of what was going where. This involved labeling boxes. This was made more difficult by the fact that I could not remember the layout of our new house. I boxed things according to my current house. This turned out to be a massive issue. The layout of our new place is so different than our last that everything ended up being moved at least twice.

Then the truck broke down. My one way of transporting my stuff was gone. I had to be prepared to leave the house that day by 12pm as the new owners were getting the keys, and my house was still full at 11am. This led to a massive rush to put everything outside on the pavement whilst we waited for a new truck. Not only was this incredibly stressful but I was terrified that some of my stuff was going to get stolen!

When the new truck arrived, it was a massive operation to put everything into the truck and head off to our new house. During this time, I had a mini breakdown. When we arrived, I just wanted it all to go away, so I instructed the group to just leave everything outside so that I can handle it later. Why did I do this? Because I am stupid. This turned out to be a massive mistake as I then had to cart everything inside myself. Luckily they had already moved all the big furniture earlier, but bending over for small boxes is a pain in the back (literally).

I am just glad it is over. I could not have imagined a more stressful day. We are settling in well and enjoying the area. After this experience, I think we will be enjoying this area for a long time to come.

Winch and Pulley

Believe it or not we are both men of few words! So this blog will be a challenge.