Learn About the Extreme Sport Snocross

Rider in a snowmobile

Snocross (also known as snowcross) is a type of snowmobile racing in which competitors race on specially designed, high-performance snowmobiles around tracks that feature tight turns, banked corners, steep jumps, and other obstacles. At speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, motorcycle racers compete (96 kilometers per hour). Riders can travel … Read more

Learn About the Extreme Sport Rallying

2017 Rally Australia

Races in Rally are held on public or private roads, with improved production or custom-built road-legal automobiles in tow. This type of racing is known for taking place outside of a racetrack, rather than on one. In this type of competition, participants and their co-drivers drive to and from designated control points … Read more

Learn About the Extreme Sport Skeleton Bob

Skeleton sport

Skeleton is a winter sport in which a person rides a small sled, called a “skeleton bobsled” or “skeleton sleigh,” down a frozen track while lying on their backs and facing forward. The name of the sport and the sled may have come from the skeleton-like look of the sled. The race … Read more

Learn About the Extreme Sport Zorbing

Children Inside the Water Ball on the Pool

Participants in zorbing, an extreme sport that involves rolling around in an inflatable ball, get a good workout. On a slope or a leveled surface, it’s usually practiced on. A variety of materials can be used for the ramps, including wood and metal. Popular at theme parks where it’s done on water, … Read more

Learn About the Extreme Sport Slacklining


Slacklining is a sport in which you walk on a thin piece of webbing made of synthetic fibers that is stretched between two fixed points, usually two trees. Slacklining is its own sport, with many different styles and disciplines, championships, and even people who do it for a living. Slacklines are also … Read more

Learn About the Extreme Sport Powerbocking

Powerbocking jumper

There are various names for the sport of “power-rizing,” “blade running,” and “jump stilting,” in which athletes use special leg attachments called jump stilts, a curved stilt with springs that enable the wearer to jump to great heights. Stilts can increase a runner’s speed up to 30 miles per hour, according to … Read more

Learn About the Extreme Sport Wingsuit Flying

Wingsuit flying

Wingsuit flying, also called “wingsuiting,” is an extreme aerosport that lets people fly through the air, which is against the laws of nature. It has a special jumpsuit called a “wingsuit” that makes this type of practice so exciting. The suit makes the body’s surface area bigger, which could help the person … Read more

Learn About the Extreme Sport Waterfall Kayaking

Waterfall kayaking

Double-bladed paddle kayaking, also known as kanusport in some countries, is one of the world’s fastest-growing sports. Large mammals like walruses and whales were traditionally hunted in kayaks (from the Inuit word qayak). They were small enough to be highly maneuverable for chasing prey, with kayaks ranging in length from 3.6 meters … Read more