What is Free Solo Rock Climbing?

a man with a blue jacket climbing a mountain

Mountain climbing has been introduced as a sports activity recently, but in history, it was one of the survival skills of mankind. Mountaineering is a challenging activity and dangerous for inexperienced people. There are various types of mountain climbing, including free soloing, free climbing, aid climbing, deep water soloing, and bouldering.  Free … Read more

What is Heli-Skiing?


Skiing has been an ancient practice among Scandinavians, and in China, more than a hundred thousand years old painting was found that hinted towards skiing. It is, by all means, an ancient human activity that was later incorporated as a sport in the mid-nineteenth century. Skiing debuted in the 1936 Summer Olympics … Read more

Making A Basketball Survival Bag


The panic of leaving the house with your family to attend an event can sometimes be extremely overwhelming. Making sure your kids have all they need, ensuring you have your car keys and wallet, prepping the car for the drive – these are some of the gazillion things that run through your … Read more

The History of Basketball Equipment

Basketball, one of the favorite sports of Americans, is a game between two teams with five players each who have to throw the ball in a basket 10 feet high. Being a sport played all over the world, Basketball has become quite popular and many associations such as the National Basketball Association … Read more

Best Winter Sports around the World

Snowmobile races are a thrilling winter sport

Sports are way more fun in winter than in summers. You don’t get tired easily while there is no problem of sweating during intense physical exercise. Winter Sports have their own specific events including the Winter Olympic Games. Most of these sports are played in mountainous areas that are covered with thick … Read more

Interesting Facts about Table Tennis or Ping Pong

Table Tennis Racket Set for two

Indoor Sports have become more interesting and common especially after COVID-19 when restrictions have been placed on different types of outdoor activities including sports. Among the most famous kinds of indoor sports, Table Tennis, also known as Ping Pong, is the favorite for many people. In fact, you can have the table … Read more

Equipment You Need to Play Basketball

A pair of basketball shoes

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. When it comes to the big matches, celebrities and even the richest personalities from around the world fly to attend the games personally. The game is also big especially in the United States because it has drawn and still draws … Read more

Family Bonding Through Sports

Family enjoying skating

Sports tend to play an important role in family bonding. Since everybody is busy with their schedules, it is important that the family members take the time out to be together. Amongst many different ways that can help strengthen the family bond, sports is one of them. It not only brings the … Read more

How High School Sports Can Benefit Students?

A high school football team

While education is the most important part of a student’s life, sports tend to be another. Experts have been constantly arguing about the role of sports in the lives of learning students and today, have concluded that it should definitely be a part of the curriculum in every High School. The reason … Read more

Should Contact Sports be Discouraged?

A Rugby game in progress

Recently, a lot of people have started questioning the extent to which violence in contact sports should be allowed. The reason is that the previous several years have experienced a rise in fatal injuries amongst young players and authorities are of the view that it is about time that everyone reconsiders whether … Read more