Family Bonding Through Sports

Family enjoying skating

Sports tend to play an important role in family bonding. Since everybody is busy with their schedules, it is important that the family members take the time out to be together. Amongst many different ways that can help strengthen the family bond, sports is one of them. It not only brings the … Read more

How High School Sports Can Benefit Students?

A high school football team

While education is the most important part of a student’s life, sports tend to be another. Experts have been constantly arguing about the role of sports in the lives of learning students and today, have concluded that it should definitely be a part of the curriculum in every High School. The reason … Read more

Should Contact Sports be Discouraged?

A Rugby game in progress

Recently, a lot of people have started questioning the extent to which violence in contact sports should be allowed. The reason is that the previous several years have experienced a rise in fatal injuries amongst young players and authorities are of the view that it is about time that everyone reconsiders whether … Read more

Equipment Needed for Paddleboarding

A professional paddleboarder

Paddleboarding is a popular sport around the world. You get to ride the waves and there is nothing that can be as much exciting. However, paddleboarding mostly depends on the equipment you own. For beginners, choosing between different options can be a tough choice and can make all the difference. From dressing … Read more

Space Needed for Playing Ping Pong

A pair of table tennis rackets on a ping pong table

Ping Pong has over the years risen in popularity. It is one of the few sports that can be played both outdoor and indoor. It is a great way to relax and spend some time while having some friends over. However, if you are someone who is planning to bring a ping … Read more

Extreme Sports for Beginners

A motorcyclist on a dirt bike

Sports are meant to be thrilling and humans tend to be natural thrill-seekers. Today, the word ‘Extreme’ has been given a totally different meaning as athletes and daredevils break unimaginable boundaries. Therefore, if you are someone who is long for extreme sports, there are many. From kayaking to climbing, there is something … Read more

You CAN Paddleboard in Winter

man and woman sitting on a paddleboard

Some sports are typically suited for the summer season, especially the water sports. It is highly justified as cold water can freeze you in seconds if there is any mishap or incident. However, if you take a moment to realize how beautiful still lakes and roaring seashores look in the wee hours … Read more

The Best Ping Pong Paddles

table tennis paddles

If you are an avid ping pong player and want to up your game for playing with friends or colleagues, a good ping pong paddle can make a huge difference. Even for beginners, the guide to a good ping pong paddle is crucial for developing expertise in the game. This game becomes … Read more

The Oldest Ping Pong Player in the World

ping pong paddle and ball

Ping pong is generally the trademark name for the game table tennis, also known as whiff-whaff. The term varies based on origin, but they all mean the same. The game is played by two or four players who stand on separate sides of a ping pong table. A ping pong ball is … Read more

What Extreme Sports Can Older People Do?

a man riding on a snow mobile

As people age, some of them start believing that they no longer have the energy to take part in sports and fitness activities regularly. But, those who have remained adventurous all their lives find it difficult to sit back and relax as they approach their 50s or 60s. We believe age is … Read more