Tips on What to Wear When Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is one of the fun outdoor activities out there for adventurous people. When it is enjoyed safely, it can be a great activity to blow away your mental cobwebs. It is an active aerial quest that sees a pilot fly a motorless, lightweight glider in the open air. They are launched when the pilot runs quickly with his or her craft before taking off from a hilltop.

Hang gliding is often seen as a complex hobby to get into. But you only need 10 days of airborne tuition before the pilot can fly solo. Also, with the help of modern technology and lighter and more versatile materials, hang gliders can now rise above sea level. In addition to that, pilots can also choose to glide cross-country, cover the long-distance over many hours, or do some acrobatic tricks in the sky.

There are also many benefits that hang gliding offers, such as strengthening arm muscles, improving mental alertness, and reducing stress. If you want to try hang-gliding, you also need to note that it is not a cheap sport to get into. But the benefits that you can get from it will shine through over time. But before you venture into hang gliding, you first need to know the items that you need, particularly what you need to wear. To help you out, we are giving you tips on what to wear when hang gliding.

people getting ready for hang gliding

The Basic Hang-Gliding Equipment

Here are the basic items that you need to wear when hang-gliding:

1. Hang Glider

When you buy a hang glider, make sure that you get a high-quality one. This is because this equipment is literally a case of life or death. Most of the time, gliders are made from aluminum, flexible sail fabrics, and carbon fiber. The top-range models of hang gliders can be very expensive when purchased new. But it is an investment that should pay for itself after a few enjoyable and memorable trips in the open air.

2. Boots

Wearing hang-gliding boots is also essential. When choosing one, make sure that you pick a pair that is lightweight and flexible. This way, the boots will not load you down during a flight. In addition, hang gliding boots also need to have a decent grip to ensure that you won’t slip and slide when you launch and land. Of course, comfort is a very important factor to consider, but you shouldn’t also forget about the safety aspect of the boots. 

3. Harness and Helmet

Before you set off on any hang-gliding adventure, you first need to make sure that you have a tough but flexible harness and a good quality safety helmet. Having these things and wearing them when hang gliding is very important because you never know when they could come in handy. A harness will help you move without restraint as it holds you in a prone position. The helmet, on the other hand, will keep your head safe in case your chute collapses or any other kind of accident that might occur.

4. Flying Suit

Wearing a flying suit is very important when hang gliding. It is responsible for covering your whole body. It is commonly worn over normal clothing. A flying suit will provide you with insulation and comfort while flying. It is also great if you can wear a highly durable work belt to ensure that your pants are in place and won’t make you feel uncomfortable when you fly. Most flying suits also have baggy designs and easily accessible zips. Therefore, before you fly, ensure that you invest in a good flying suit.

5. Goggles

There are also some pilots that choose to wear goggles. This can help protect your eyes and reduce glare while flying. The goggles used in hang gliding are similar to those used in skiing.

6. Reserve Parachute

Most pilots also carry a second deployable parachute with them. This is important, particularly if you plan to go on high-altitude flights. Having a parachute is a great help in case an accident or any unforeseen events happen during flying.

person hang gliding, back view of hang-glider

The Right Clothing for Hang Gliding

No matter what the season is, if you are going to go hang gliding, it is important that you wear several layers of clothing. This is because when you fly, it can become very windy and piercing cold up in the air, particularly in much higher altitudes.

Always choose to wear clothes that you are most comfortable wearing and those that do not limit or restrict your movements. Layering is key in dressing well for hang gliding. It will help regulate your temperature in the cold and windy air.

These are some of the items that you need to wear when you go hang gliding. All of these will help you fly effectively and keep yourself safe and comfortable while hang gliding. For more information on the things that you need, you can also read our article about the Basic Equipment for First-Time Hang Gliders. We hope this helped you learn more about what you should wear when hang gliding.