Tips for Wearing Earbuds While Being Active

Nowadays, many people prefer using earbuds because they are handier compared to headphones. Unfortunately, this technology has one drawback: it could keep falling out peoples’ ears when used during rigorous activities, such as jogging or working out. Worse, it can easily get lost or damaged if the user is inattentive.

Fortunately, there are measures that you can observe when using earbuds while being active. Read on to know some tips for wearing earbuds while being active.

Why Earbuds Keep on Falling Out

Earbuds fall out of your ears for many reasons. First, you might simply be wearing them wrong. Review the user manual that comes with your earbuds to know how to put them on appropriately.

Another reason is earbuds are designed to be one-size-fits-all. However, a study found that human ears are just as unique as fingerprints. So if you have bigger-than-average ears, expect your earbuds to fall out more than usual because they won’t have a good clutch on your ears. If you have smaller ears, your earbuds will also keep on popping out because they won’t be able to go deep enough.

Earbuds also tend to fall out because of the material used for making their ear tips. Most earbuds are manufactured using plastic tips, which become slippery with earwax and sweat. That is why earbuds with plastic tips fall off more frequently than those made of foam or fabric.

Lastly, your earbuds may not be designed for activities that require heavy movements. Even if you frequently adjust them, you can’t expect your earbuds to stay fixed for a long time. If you want to use earbuds while being active, invest in the type of earbuds designed for this.

Tips for Wearing Earbuds While Active

So how do you keep your earbuds from falling out your ears while you are active? We have listed below some essential hacks for you.

  1. Use earbuds designed for outdoor activities. There are plenty of specialty earbuds intended for outdoor activities like jogging and sports. These earbuds come in different types and styles. One is the behind-the-neck style that sits on your neck behind while the earbuds are in your ears. There is also a type of earbuds that comes with an ear hook.
  2. Use water– and sweat-proof earbuds. As mentioned earlier, earbuds sometimes fall off because of substances that make them slippery. Water-proof earbuds don’t fall off during rainy weather, while sweat-proof earbuds are best suited for hot weather.
  3. Wear your earbuds correctly. Each earbud is printed with either “R” or “L” that tells you whether to put it in your right or left ear. Place your earbuds accordingly and adjust their placements.
  4. Try on the earbuds attachments. Earbuds are sometimes packaged with extra attachments. Try these attachments to determine which pair perfectly fits your ears.
  5. Stretch your earlobes. This might seem a silly tip, but while inserting your earbud, gently stretch your earlobe to open your ear canal a little wider. Releasing your earlobe will form a tight seal around your earbud.
  6. Use a cord clamp. Another method you can try is to fix your earbuds’ cord on your shirt if your earbuds come with a clamp. This will reduce the pressure on your earbuds every time you jerk when jogging, thus keeping them in place.
  7. Turn your earbuds into over-the-ear wraps. If your earbuds are persistently falling out, you can try using twist-ties to create earloops that will help your earbuds stay on your ears. To do this, wrap one end of the twist-tie to the earbud’s base, and loop the extra part of the twist-tie on your ear.
  8. Use silicone attachments for your Airpods. If you own a pair of Airpods, you can purchase a silicone attachment designed by Apple to convert your earbuds into over-the-ear wraps.
  9. Wear ear warmers. It is also practical to put on ear warmers while using your earbuds to hold them in place. Choose the kind of ear warmers that are neither too tight nor too loose.
  10. Do not use cotton swabs when cleaning your ears. Ear doctors do not recommend using cotton swabs for ear cleaning because the swab tends to push earwax against your eardrums and create a blockage inside your ear canal.


Earbuds are perfect company when you are doing outdoor activities to make yourself fit. However, it can be tricky to prevent your earbuds from falling out of your ear. This happens for many reasons, such as mismatched earbuds and ear sizes, the type of material used for the ear tips, and sweat and earwax that make the earbuds slide off your ears. Fortunately, you can do some hacks if you want to wear your earbuds while being active.