What Are The Most Popular Music Artists From Ireland?

Ireland has introduced a lot of great writers, poets and artists into the world of Art. Especially, Irish music artists are known widely for their unique compositions and brilliant tones. 

The native music of this small country is known as Irish traditional music. Regardless of globalizing cultural forces, the music has remained vibrant and soulful from the 20th century till date. Irish chords have influenced many musical genres, including roots and country music in the United States. 

Top Irish Musical Bands

Top Irish Musical Bands

PRS for music held a research to reveal the top five Irish bands or musicians in 2010. According to the study, U2 won with 68 percent whereas Westlife stood second, Van Morrison 3rd, Boyzons 4th and The Cranberries took 5th position. According to the research, the top five bands sold more than 341 million albums till march 2010.

Here’s the chart based on the study:

Irish act




Alternative Rock









1. U2

U2, a rock band from Dublin, was established in 1976. This Irish group consists of Bono (guitar and lead vocals), Adam Clayton (guitar), the Edge (backing vocals, keyboards and lead guitar) and Larry Jr. (percussion and drums). U2 managed to maintain the quality of their music throughout their career. The team strived to evolve their style in order to become better than before. 

The lyrics composed by U2 mostly depict spirituality. They are mostly based on sociopolitical and personal themes. Edge’s chiming and Bono’s vocals further add soul to the words so they can reach the hearts of listeners. U2 team has travelled around the globe to perform, and they are known widely for their live concerts. 

2. Westlife


Westlife is the band of youth! It was formed in Sligo back in 1998. Although the group scattered in 2012, but by 2018 the boys reunited. Currently, the Westlife band consists of Markus Feehily, Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne and Kian Egan. 

The group launched around eleven albums. In 1999, it formed an international studio album called Westlife, which gave fame and recognition to the band. Further, the World of our own (2001), Coast to coast (2000), Turnaround (2003), and Unbreakable Vol.1 (2002) rewarded them with recognition globally. 

3. Van Morrison


In 1950, Morrison performed as a teenager for the very first time. Later, he played several instruments for Irish showbands, including harmonica, guitar, saxophone and keyboards. His fans know him as “Van the Man” as he was a part of many famous hits of that time. I. 1960, Morrison started getting popularity as a lead singer of rock band ‘Them’. 

Bert Berns guided Morrison and as a result he began his solo career in 1967. Berns launched his debut single “Brown Eyed Girl”. This talented music artist built his reputation with live performances and albums in the 1970s. 

4. Boyzone


Boyzone is a well-known Irish musical band, which was created by Louis Walsh in 1993. The guy is also known as the manager of Westlife and Johnny Logan. The members of the team included Stephen Gately (decreased), Shane Lynch, Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy and Mickey Graham. By 2018, Boyzone managed to launch nine compilation albums and seven studio ones.

In the late 2018, Boyzone celebrated their 25th anniversary on a tour. On 16 November 2018, an album was released to glorify the occasion. An announcement of their predicted split was made on 28 April, and it happened in 2019. 

5. The Cranberries


Formed in Limerick, the Irish Rock band ‘The Cranberries’ was named originally as the Cranberry Saw Us. In 1989, Niall Quinn (lead singer), Noel Hogan (guitarist) Mike Hogan (bassist) and Fergal Lawler (drummer), together, formed a team of competent music artists. Later in 1990, Quinn was replaced by Dolores O’Riordan as a lead singer, and the title of the band was changed to the Cranberries. 

In the 1990s, The Cranberries earned international fame with their debut album named “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?”. It became a commercial success! Moreover, five albums by the band made it to the top 20 on the Billboard 200 chart. Besides, eight singles reached to the top 20 on Modern Rock Tracks.

Top Irish Music Artists (Solos)


Moving forward to the popular solo artists from Ireland that you must listen to right now! Before moving ahead, check out how music can make your workout effortless. 

1. Kojaque

Kojaque is famous for his brutally honest lyrics that can effortlessly travel from your ears to your hearts. His debut album was “Deli Daydreams”, which was shortlisted as the album of the year by Choice Music Prize Awards. 

A hit single by Kojaque, Flu Shot, was revealed on BBC Radio through the Annie Mac Show.

2. David Keenan


Another super-talented boy on the list! David Keenan is not just a great guitarist but his music has the power to influence you wholeheartedly. He became viral when his video made rounds on the internet, where he was playing “El Paso” in a taxi. David released four EPs, including Evidence of Living, Strip Me Bare, Cobwebs and Strip Me Bare Vol. 2. He signed to Rubyworks Records later in 2019.



Birdie Monds-Watson AKA SOAK is a young Derry native who gained a lot of popularity ever since she presented her first album “Before We Forget How to Dream”. Her second album was named “Grim Town”, which was revealed in 2019. 

4. Bry

A songwriter, singer and an avid traveller; Bry comes next on the list when we talk about popular Irish music artists. The goal of his life is to travel all over the world and perform there. He has already gained much fame globally. Bry’s first album was titled after his name and was released in 2016 on November 11. 

5. David Kitt


Born in 1975, Kitt is a great musician from Ireland who has released six albums, including The Big Romance, Small Moments, Square 1, Not Fade Away, The Black and Red Notebook and The Nightsaver.

David Kitt is the son of an Irish politician named Tom Kitt. He was surrounded by music since childhood as his uncles and father formed a touring folk team while he was just a kiddo. In August, Kitt recorded his debut album, Small Moments. 

Bottom Line

Irish music industry has evolved overtime and a bunch of amazing music artists have contributed for the cause. A number of youngsters from Island have now created their bands with a bunch of talented members. On the other hand, some chose to entertain solely as a singer, lyricist and songwriter. Certainly, the island has a lot potential that needs to be emerged in music industry.