Is Gaming Good for Stress Relief?

In the modern-day, an average person faces a lot of stress in their everyday life. From work to back home, problems follow them around. This stress can be extremely unhealthy.

Modern gaming is the most accessible and easy way to get some well-earned stress relief for many people. It provides them with a way to let go of their worries and relax. 

Modern Gaming

Modern Gaming

Gaming, as we see it today, is not a modern phenomenon. It has an extensive and rich history. Gaming has developed over time to the large and booming industry it is today. From the early classics to the modern hits, this industry has produced some of the most iconic titles. Modern gaming stands on the shoulders of its predecessors.

The Popularity of Gaming

The Popularity of Gaming

The popularity of gaming as a hobby and as a profession has grown exponentially in recent years. More and more people are enjoying games now than ever. Progress in computer technologies has contributed to this phenomenon.

Today, computers are quite common and can be found in most houses, allowing more people to play their favorite games. 

Why do You Need Stress Relief?

Why do You Need Stress Relief

To improve your well-being, you need to get rid of your stress. Too much stress is unhealthy and can cause mental and physical problems. Staying healthy should be everyone’s priority.

There are many ways to rid yourself of stress. Some people like to have a hobby while others enjoy a walk outside. A suitable medium for stress relief will help you stay healthy both mentally and physically.  

Gaming for Stress Relief

Gaming for Stress Relief

Gaming is the perfect way for many people to temporarily get rid of their worries and stress and enjoy the moment. It provides them with an escape from the real world so that they don’t have to constantly think and stress about their problems. It brings fun and joy to them, which helps them release stress.

Today, the gaming industry is booming, with people from around the globe enjoying different games and interacting with each other, forming a strong community.

How do Games Provide Stress Relief?

1. By Providing a Sense of Achievement

When you finish a level in a game or win a match, you get a sense of achievement. This can be quite pleasing and relaxing. The feeling of overcoming a challenge can help you release stress. Once you beat a level you have been trying to get past for a while, you will feel accomplished and joyous.

2. Immersion

Games nowadays focus a lot on immersion. For instance, Virtual Reality technology has taken immersion to another level. When playing a game, you can easily get immersed in it and only focus on what you are doing. It helps you forget all your worries and problems temporarily. This escape from reality can help you relax and get rid of stress.

3. Instant Gratification

When playing a game, one of the most satisfactory things is when you get a reward for accomplishing something, such as finishing a difficult level or winning a match against other players. This instant gratification hits just the right spot in the brain as it makes you happy, which aids in reducing stress.

Instant gratification is a crucial part of most video games, and it makes them more fun and addicting.

4. Allow You to Be More Social

Being more social can help reduce stress. Many consider games to be something that makes you anti-social, but in the modern world, that is far from the truth. 

Almost every game has a community that you can interact with. In most online co-op games, you can make good friendships with other people and socialize. Therefore, many modern games promote socializing.

5. Games Can Be Engaging

Games, especially belonging to the puzzle genre, can be very engaging. They allow you to focus on a thing and learn new skills. It can be pretty relaxing to sit comfortably and focus on a puzzle or casual game. Doing so will help you release stress.

Are All Games Good for Stress Relief?

No, not all games are suitable for stress relief. Which games work for you and which don’t depend on your personal preferences. While some genres of games can be perfect for stress relief, others can have the opposite effect.

You should remember that some games are built to provide a relaxed and stress-free environment, while others, such as horror games, are designed to increase stress levels. Although, in the end, it all depends on your personality and preferences.

Types of Games That Are Good for Stress Relief

Types of Games That Are Good for Stress Relief

Some types of games are much better at helping relieve stress than others. It can be helpful to know which genres are suitable for stress relief. These genres usually provide a relaxed environment where you can let go of your worries. 

Some of the most popular types of games that people play for stress relief are given below:

1. Co-Op Games

Co-op games are one of the most popular genres of online games. They provide you with an opportunity to interact with your friends and socialize. An excellent example of this genre would be Portal 2.

Socializing with your friends while playing and cooperating can be very helpful in relieving stress. 

2. Casual Games

Casual games are an excellent tool for stress relief. They are rarely competitive, providing you with simple challenges to overcome. You can easily save your progress any time you want and play them for short intervals whenever you want to relieve stress.

3. Action & Adventure Games

Action and adventure games are pretty similar to casual games, but they are much more immersive. This immersion can be beneficial in relieving stress, as discussed before. Action and adventure game genres are popular among the gaming community for relieving stress.

4. Puzzle Games

Puzzle games can be beneficial for keeping your mind engaged. You can focus on a puzzle, and once you finish it, you will feel accomplished. All of this can help relieve stress.

You can also buy jigsaw puzzles from a store to help get rid of stress the old-fashioned way.

5. Racing Games

We all remember playing those F1 racing games with our siblings or friends in our childhood. Racing games can be pretty relaxing as long as they are not highly competitive.

What Types of Games Are Bad for Stress Relief?

There is no correct answer to which games are bad for stress relief. Different people find different types of games more relaxing than others. In the end, it all depends on your preferences.

It is best not to play those games you don’t enjoy. Also, very competitive, addictive, or intentionally stress-inducing games should be avoided. 

Pros and Cons of Gaming

Knowing the pros and cons of gaming is essential. This way, you can avoid its harmful sides. 

Given below are some pros and cons of gaming:

Pros Cons
Relaxing games can help relieve stress. Stress-inducing games can increase stress.
Gaming can help you learn new skills. Gaming can have adverse effects on your concentration.
Video games can be very versatile. Video games can be highly addicting.
Video games can be educational. Some games may increase aggression in the player.
Video games can help you be more social. Too much gaming can negatively affect your social life.

How Much Gaming is Healthy?

Gaming can be very addicting. Hence too much of it can negatively impact your social life, mental and physical health. So, you should closely monitor how long you play to avoid the adverse effects of gaming addiction.


Games are played for various reasons – some play for enjoyment, relaxation, or to kill time, while others play to earn money, socialize, or challenge themselves. However, improper gaming habits and stressful games, on the other hand, can be very harmful. Therefore, make sure to monitor how much time you spend playing games every day, so you don’t end up getting stressed instead of relieving your stress.