Learn About nDreams Amazing Virtual Reality Technology

nDreams is now known as the world’s biggest developer of Virtual Reality (VR) games and gears. This award-winning tech company is based in Farnborough, United Kingdom.

The company is credited for its innovative, excellent games, interactive experience, and entertainment products. With the collaboration of other tech groups, nDreams created advanced gaming projects. The depth and diversity of its virtual reality games continue to empower both the company and consumers to explore future gaming technologies.


In 2013 alone, nDreams had made itself the first videogame company that primarily works on making interactive VR gaming titles. These titles include Perfect Beach for Google Cardboard and Gear VR, and Gunner on the Samsung Gear VR.

Its best-selling VR projects are Phantom: Covert Ops and Shooty Fruity. Other exciting VR projects include the title Fracked.

Chris White, a veteran on mobile games, is also instrumental in launching nDreams new virtual reality game studio, dubbed Studio Orbital.

White is also the then-senior development leader at Space Ape Games (Transformers: Earth Wars and Samurai Siege), Glu Mobile (Project Gotham), and Electronic Arts (The Sims Social).

In 2015, Mercia Technologies invested $3 million for nDreams to help the company grow its VR game capabilities. The tech-investment company also includes ex-Sega chief Mike Hayes.

VR game capabilities

The Assembly became the first major and most recent title from nDreams. The Assembly is a virtual reality that features first-person adventure from two perspectives. The title is also being enhanced for Sony Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

In an interview with GamesBeat, White said they are working on new VR titles with a live game element. He hoped that the titles they wanted to build would persist for years. The nDreams developer said the VR has the potential growth, adding that many players have also been involved in this kind of gaming industry.

nDreams’ chief development officer Tomas Gillo said they also provided flexible arrangements in how their people work. The decision was made to invite more talents. nDreams has also looked at other game portfolios like music games and golf titles.

According to business development manager Nadine Oehmcke, VR market is growing faster than before, and they have seen a 120 percent consumer growth of high-end headsets. This trend in VR technology attracted more publishers and developers. This technologically-driven gaming experience has the potential to make waves in the market.

High demand was also seen in essential headsets like Valve Index, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive.


Sony also continued to boost the demand for headsets with amazing content. The headset covered around 50 percent of the VR market, courtesy of Quest and the Quest 2’s success.

For Quest 2 alone, it had already surpassed the monthly active users it targeted. Citing Oculus, it said that more than 60 titles made over $1 million in revenue. Aside from affordability, the company also looked at the absence of accessories in using the tech gear, providing immediacy since it is entirely wireless. It does not need any PC, cable, phone, or console. 

The creation of nDreams’ VR is a crucial element for hard-core gamers. It is now the center of attention in the gaming industry. It also demonstrated a spectacular gaming experience to family and friends. Interestingly, a player research was also conducted over the VR projects. The key things that were found out were emotional amplification, fictional teleportation, empowered wielding, aspirational roleplay, and high-agency 1:1 control.

The high-agency 1:1 control became an essential thing in making an immersive and fantastic VR gaming experience.

Job opportunities also abound in VR games. The fantastic games from VR platforms are essential in its growth. As long as the games are designed with VR in the mindset, the games can be entirely accomplished if they are made from the ground up. This job mindset means that as the games become more engaging to millions of players, more VR developers will also come in for more amazing VR gaming experiences. VR gaming is already the future, and in the coming years, the game developers will have their rewards.

Some exciting lessons on nDreams’s Virtual Reality, The Assembly

The Assembly is an immersive and first-person game. It is developed for PlayStation VR, Vive, and Oculus. Below are some lessons in running the VR game.

1. You have to run the VR game at 90fps

The lagging in the game framerate makes the VR gaming experience frustrating. Thus, you have to make sure to run the game at 90fps. Whatever your headset is, make sure the framerate will not drop below 60 or 90fps for game optimization.

2. The VR game sound should be heard around the player

The VR gaming sounds should come from everywhere. It needs to be a 3D audio position to show a realistic sound. The sound of a VR game is significant to captivate the imagination and thrill of the game. The sound makes the player an active participant during the game.

3. VR game movements should be realistic

In playing VR games, the user has to feel that he is there in the actual scene. The speed and rotation level of the game has to be the same in real life. Whether you are grappling with an object or backflipping, you have to feel the emotions like what happened in reality.

VR game movements should be realistic

Some interesting details about nDreams’s VR games

nDreams VR games are fantastic

The VR gaming experience is the reason that makes core games stick to it. The production is appealing to both gamers and their partners. The game is effective when people start to communicate about it, making VR gaming an exciting way to have fun and adventure together with your friends and family.

nDreams VR games builds understanding

The VR platforms bring out an opportunity for everyone to communicate. Whether from the VR media, co-developers, and game creators, the VR allows everyone to talk about building more engaging games in the future. It also paves the way for funding contracts and support from target fans or potential investors. If the VR gaming experience invites more reactions from the fans and the public, it can build understanding for everyone.

nDreams VR games have future opportunities

There is a real thing about VR. nDreams company has already set the mark. The opportunity for further business and innovations is incredible. The VR gaming experience can generate multi-million dollar revenues in the future.

nDreams VR games pave the way for rapid progression in VR gaming

Since VR gaming experiences have already impacted the games, nDreams now have the opportunity to double its efforts in developing and publishing more titles. This rapid growth in gaming development is the heart of the company. As more core games find satisfaction and thrill in the content, nDreams can continue to execute better titles.

Not only that, the developers can innovate more in the design, power capabilities, mobile-based technology, and even lag-free streaming. Creators and developers also work side by side in improving the hand and finger tracking system of VR games.

nDreams VR games will be more accessible, affordable

As the public and hard-core gamers noticed the fantastic experience from the VR games, there is a massive possibility of the lowering of prices of the technology. The VR will become more accessible to everyone, virtually making the product available in every corner or market wherever the potential consumers look for it.