How Do I Know if I am a Talented Gamer?

You’d be able to tell if you’re a talented gamer if you’re leveling up and capable of defeating an ordinary or casual player. This means you are better than the ordinary person and are considered “Good.” Another criterion is how much time you spend playing games.

Some people are naturally talented gamers who prosper right away with no effort or experience required; yet, regardless of this, others who use their approach to get the same outcomes are just as applicable. 

Whether you play games for stress relief or just for fun, here are the top 12 distinct but easily identifiable habits shared by the most talented gamers that you should match with yours:

1. You Begin With More Challenging Challenges

Most players would opt for a neutral play-through, and while a talented gamer can do that as well, the fact that you considered or chose to play in a harder setting is one of the many skills possessed by a talented gamer.

2. How Soon Will You Adapt to It?

Whether it’s a story-based game or an online game, you never seem to have any trouble adapting to the nature of the gameplay. Moreover, you eventually start creating your own patterns for what works best for you in the game, making it a lot easier to learn.

3. You Top the Leaderboards Easily

You Top the Leaderboards Easily

When playing a game, if you occasionally find yourself the highest player at the top for no apparent reason – congratulations, you are talented.

4. You Create Techniques for Leveling Up

The grind can be frustrating on many games, but you tend to discover ways to help yourself get more XP anyway. You can repeatedly go against a specific boss or level of players and always win by using your own technique or certain weapons that make the task less of a pain.

5. You Play Just As Well When You’re Fatigued

You Play Just As Well When You’re Fatigued

You maintain your level of skill and precision while performing fairly mundane tasks in a game that doesn’t appear to be a threat to you. Not everyone can play a game when they are distracted or tired. Therefore, if you can function through it, you’re probably not new to this lifestyle.

6. You are Capable of Performing Seemingly Impossible Tasks

If you can do 360, 720, quick-scope headshots across the map without taking a scratch with like 8 health bars while playing a fighting game, then there’s no debate on whether or not you are a talented gamer.

7. You’re Used to Long Game Sessions

You’re Used to Long Game Sessions

Talented gamers are used to playing through a game’s story without taking long breaks or breaks at all. Though it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so now that games are much longer than they used to be (7 to 10 hours) and now like 20 to 40 to 60 hours. And this doesn’t even include the side missions and quests or the random nonsense you seem to come across along the way.

That being said, if you are happy to dedicate your time while playing long hours of gameplay without yawning or getting tired, you are a talented gamer. 

8. You Have Several Accounts for Various Reasons

Many professionals own several accounts, each with its unique purposes. The first one is their primary playing account, which has the most investment (time or money). Others are just to have different playstyles and aliases that they choose to use when they play through that route and reset everything from the beginning because they’ve already maxed out the game. 

Sometimes, you might also have separate accounts to keep a set of friends/groups separate from one another to better manage your gaming life.

9. You Keep Track of Time Even When You Aren’t Paying Attention to It

You can be playing a game for a long period, but you always have a gut feeling that it’s only been about 25-30 minutes. So, if you are attempting to accomplish anything else with your time, you will know how to play the game and do a good enough job within that time frame. 

10. You Are Well-Rounded

You’ll develop a distinct style of play that characterizes your playstyle, and you can also play in ways that other players can. Therefore, you know to play in various styles to win every time. 

11. What Will Happen Next is Easy to Predict

Once you’ve gained enough experience and have been a veteran for a while, you start to see through other players’ nonsense and can nearly always be two steps ahead of them. This is because you’ve been through that many times in the past and know one or more approaches to handle it. 

The same can be said for single-player games, where you can nearly predict what will happen next and how it will affect your ability to defeat opponents or complete an objective.

12. You Remember the Lore and the Details

Knowing a lot about a game’s lore or even just a little more information about anything could assist you a lot more than you think. This is something that professionals and talented gamers understand, even if they don’t always choose to spend time trying to sort through all of the data. 

Knowing something about the history of a weapon, a terrain, a group of people, an item, or the origins of ability, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each, can help someone make better use of either.


If you already know the things discussed in this article, it’s not surprising that you are a talented gamer. Similarly, there are people who are gifted musically but they don’t know. However, if you cannot relate to these habits and don’t know them, it’s time to get to work! There is always room for improvement, and tweaks can be made to your gameplay to settle onto the threshold of gaming expertise.