What Are The Major Victories Lewis Hamilton Has Had In His Career?

Lewis Hamilton is one of the most successful Formula One drivers in history. He has won four world championships and amassed over 100 wins throughout his illustrious career. Interestingly, he was once just a child with a dream to be like his idol Ayrton Senna. Today, Lewis is doing much more than following in the Brazilian racing driver’s footsteps; he has surpassed him as well!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Lewis Hamilton’s most impressive victories.

2008 Belgian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton lives in Monaco

This was a very important race for Lewis as it was his first victory with McLaren Mercedes. He had been driving for the team for two years by that point and had come close to winning on several occasions but had never pulled through. This victory really helped to boost his confidence, and he went on to have an even more successful career with the Formula One team!

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix  

Lewis Hamilton won in dramatic fashion at the final race of the 2013 season by beating out teammate Nico Rosberg for his second drivers championship title with another record-breaking season. This was a very emotional victory for Lewis, as he had come so close to winning the championship in previous years but always fallen short. Finally, achieving this goal after years of hard work and determination was a true testament to his skill and perseverance!

2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

This race marked an important milestone in Lewis Hamilton’s career as he won his fiftieth Formula One race. This was also a major victory for Mercedes, who had been having some difficulty lately winning multiple races in succession.

This win showed that the German manufacturer is still one of the most dominant forces to be reckoned with! It definitely raised the spirits within the team and made them feel like they were on the right track to another championship.

2016 Italian Grand Prix 

Lewis Hamilton won his fourth Formula One World Championship at this race in Italy after an intense fight with Nico Rosberg for the title through most of the season. It was a great way for Lewis and Mercedes to celebrate their one-hundredth victory as it was also held within Ferrari’s home country.

This was a very emotional victory for Lewis, as it marked the end of an era in Formula One. Nico Rosberg had announced his retirement from the sport just days before this race, so it was a bittersweet moment for him. Nonetheless, he made sure to enjoy every minute of it!

More about Lewis Hamilton

He was born in Stevenage, England, on January 07, 1985. His parents, Anthony and Carmen, had a very successful racing background, with his father winning the British Formula Ford championship and his mother clinching two titles for Renault Sport UK. Lewis started karting at an early age of six years old and showed great potential, which led him to take up racing professionally after finishing high school. He competed in numerous championships around the world and was highly successful, winning various titles, including that of Formula One World Champion in 2008, 2014, and again most recently, 2016!

Lewis Hamilton is a very humble person who has been involved with many philanthropic causes throughout his career, such as advocating for children’s education through charity organization Pencils of Promise and providing relief for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. He is also an animal lover and has two dogs, Roscoe and Coco!

Cars Lewis Hamilton Has Driven in His Career

Lewis Hamilton has had a very successful career in racing, and part of that success is due to the great cars he’s driven. With Hamilton’s significant name in the racing league, it is no doubt he had driven some of the greatest cars ever made. Here’s a list of some of the cars he’s competed in throughout his career.

  • McLaren MP412C – It is no surprise that Lewis Hamilton had his first race with McLaren in 2007 as he joined the team who was responsible for bringing him into Formula One. The MP412C, also known as the Mercedes Mclaren Project-14A and nicknamed “the Hammer,” is an extremely fast car that has a top speed of over 240 mph!
  • Mercedes F01 – This car is an absolute beauty! The F01 was first introduced in 2009 and is one of the most luxurious cars ever made. It has a V12 engine with twin turbochargers and can go from 0-60 mph in just four seconds!
  • Mercedes W07 – This car is the latest model that Lewis Hamilton has been driving for Mercedes. The W07 debuted at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix. It has an absolutely amazing design with a V-shaped camera pod on top of it, which houses four cameras!

We can only imagine how great it would be to drive any of these cars! They are all very impressive machines.

Lewis Hamilton has driven some of the most amazing cars in history. His talent and success have landed him in the cockpit of some of the fastest, most luxurious, and impressive machines ever made. Some of these cars include the McLaren MP412C, Mercedes F01, and Mercedes W07.

Each of these cars is unique in its own way, but they all share one common trait – they are all incredibly fast. The McLaren MP412C, for example, has a top speed of over 240 mph! The Mercedes F01 is even more luxurious with its V12 engine and twin turbochargers. And finally, the Mercedes W07 is the latest model that Lewis Hamilton has been driving for Mercedes. It debuted at the 2016 Spanish Grand.

Final Thoughts

The article has shown us the major victories Lewis Hamilton has had in his career as a Formula One driver. He’s one of the most successful drivers, and it’s been great to watch him grow through this sport over time. We can’t wait to see what new achievements Lewis Hamilton will achieve in his career. He is a real champion and always gives it his all on the track! We are sure that he has many more victories in store for us.