Tips on Decorating a Cars-Loving Kid’s Room

If your little ones are interested in cars, which can be apparent on the toys they pick and the cartoon series and movies they watch, there’s no reason not to decorate and transform their room into a four-wheel-themed bedroom. Through that, you can stir their imagination and enliven their fantasy about cars, giving them a childhood full of memories. So, start making your kid’s dream come true as we’ve collated the best tips on how you could create the perfect cars-inspired bedroom for your kids.

Pick a specific style

While a car-themed room is undoubtedly exciting, parents’ common mistake is going into the decoration process without having a specific plan. To give the activity a sense of direction and coherence, try to select a particular style to use in your kid’s room. You can either pick a specific design, color, or probably one specific car-model or maker your kids love. Does your kid adore vintage cars or Nascar vehicles? Stick to it. By doing so, you get to narrow things down and tie everything together.

Find inspiration

If your kid is too young to hint at what specific style he wants, but you still wish to proceed with a car-themed room, don’t fret. There are many creative and fun resources available online from Google and other photo-sharing sites where you can draw your inspiration. Otherwise, you can also contact friends or colleagues who may have adopted the same theme for their children and let them share how they’ve designed and accomplished theirs.

Reinvent the walls

Once you’ve chosen a specific style or found an inspiration, it’s time to reinvent the room’s walls. You can apply spray paint as a base paint to color the walls. Bright colors, such as blue and red, are commonly used and work perfectly for car-themed bedrooms. However, don’t limit yourself and go use other shades, depending on your preferred style. Afterward, reinvent it by painting road and street signs, traffic lights, bridges, tracks that can undoubtedly bring life to the room. You can also use decal stickers, posters, and cut-outs for an easier time yet with the same beautiful result.

Get a car-themed bed

Now, let’s move to the center of the room – your kid’s bed. Adding a car-themed bed is one of the best ways to give the room a unique feel, which your kid will definitely relish. If you want to make it more memorable and personal, create the bed yourself along with some help from your little one, and let him witness and participate in the project from start to finish. Moreover, you get the opportunity to personalize as much as you’d like, from the color, style, design, and size of the bed to tailor-fit your kid’s preference. If you’re out of time or perhaps not skilled enough in DIY stuff, there are lots of pre-assembled car beds you can purchase online for a quick solution.

Match the beddings, rugs, and curtains

To further enhance the room’s aesthetics, purchase car-inspired textiles, from bed sheets, comforters, pillowcases, curtains, and rugs. You can choose from various prints, such as those featuring speedometers, tires, tracks, steering wheels, and flags. From almost a limitless array of design varieties, pick whichever will complement your chosen overall style.

Add car-themed furniture and accessories

The next step would be adding essential furniture to your kid’s room. These involve shelves, cabinets, and tables, which of course, need to be car-inspired. You can get a little creative by using different actual car parts, such as tires. Get two to three tires and stack them up to get as a base. Place a round wooden board to create, and you’ll now have a car-themed table. Then, continue exercising your inventiveness and imagination by creating DIY accessories, from old steering wheels, traffic cones, and other car stuff, whichever fits your desired project.

Improve lighting

Got knowledge and skills in electrical work? Go ahead and improve lighting in your kid’s room. You may put LED strips and built-in lights in a way that can resemble car lights, be it around the bed frame, ceiling, cabinets, or walls. Alternatively, you can also buy pre-made car-themed lamps or traffic light-inspired fixtures for the room. Just make sure to have them installed correctly and safely for the protection of your kids.

Use garage-style smart storage

Since your kid loves cars, expect him to have lots of toy cars, car collections, and other merchandise. Adding smart storage is an excellent way to keep things tidy while also teaching your child to be organized with his stuff. You can use garage-style storage using PVC pipes, wood planks, and magnetic bars, where your kid can park his cars when not in use. Design them in line with your theme, and you’ll be surprised how fabulous they can accentuate your kid’s room.


Your kid’s room will serve as his refuge for playing, studying, and resting after a weary day. So, no matter what theme, make sure that you give your kids the perfect room they deserve and where they can enjoy growing up and creating memories.