Ideas for Throwing a Gaming Party

If you’ve got boys as children, we bet they’re into video games. Whether they are into die-hard favorites like Minecraft or Fortnite, or to PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox – they will love it if you throw them a party inspired by the games they love. Whether you’re throwing your party for your gamer at home with the family or with guests over to celebrate their special day, this easy kids’ birthday party theme is easily adaptable. Make sure you serve the best snacks for a gaming party, too!

Throwing a gaming party involves a lot of planning and creativity to keep everyone entertained and engaged. From setting up various gaming consoles to creating a competitive yet fun environment, every detail counts. No gaming party is complete without delicious treats to keep the energy levels high. If you’re looking for something uniquely delightful, consider offering your guests some extraordinary ice cream from ice cream chandler. Their wide array of flavors and creamy textures can bring joy to your gaming environment, ensuring your guests have an incredible time and amazing desserts to relish during the party.

Here are some ideas for throwing a gaming party:

Decorate the buffet table with a video game controller banner.

Make a cute video game controller party banner using thread, yarn, or twine. Print out colored photos of a video game controller (whether PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo) on a thin cardboard paper, then cut them out. Glue them on your thread, and attach them to the front of the buffet table or the wall above the table. It’s how you stick to the theme!

Decorate the table with a black and neon green (or neon purple) theme.

Black and neon green or purple just screams gamer, don’t you think? If you don’t want the theme to be specified upon a certain video game, you can keep the décor centered on this color palette. Make a DIY TV using cardboard and black spray paint, then stick on a printed “Game On” sign. Keep it simple with black paper plates for your plate settings, and include a green or purple glow-in-the-dark necklace under the plates for a cool touch.

Make easy chocolate buttercream cookies inspired by PlayStation controller buttons.

Make easy chocolate buttercream cookies inspired by PlayStation controller buttons

If you’re not great at decorating but want to make special homemade cookies for your child’s party, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are plenty of ideas out there that you can try. These cookies couldn’t be easier to make. Bake simple sugar cookies, then top them off with chocolate buttercream frosting. Then, using colored icing, draw the PlayStation buttons. Use blue icing to draw X on one cookie, green icing to draw a triangle on another, red icing to draw a circle, and pink icing to draw a square. Do the same for the other cookies.

Get some game-related neon light signs.

Get some game-related neon light signs

If you want to elevate your décor for your party, get some neon light signs that say “Good game!”, “Let’s play!”, “Game over!” and other game-related mantras. After the party, you can use it to decorate your own room.

Make a Minecraft grass block cake.

Make a Minecraft grass block cake

We all know that baking your own cake is more frugal – plus, it gives you the freedom to decorate and have fun with it. If the party is for a Minecraft gamer, they will love this cake idea! Bake a square cake using the flavor of choice of the celebrant. Then, add Minecraft “grass” on top of the cake and brown soil on all sides using green and brown icing applied by a grass decorator frosting tip.

Serve Fortnite bandage Pringles.

These are snacks that would double as decorations and party favors. Cover a can of Pringles with a Fortnite bandage design. You may want to DIY it by designing on your computer and printing it out on plain white paper, but you can look online for ready-made printables. Trim the paper to fit the can in a way that can cover it completely, and wrap the printable around the can of Pringles. Secure it with glue. Let the guests snack on them during the party, or display them on the side to give away later.

Serve some Fortnite slurp juice.

The slurp juice is an epic consumable healing item in Fortnite’s Battle Royale, and it can be a hit at your party! Do this by serving a combination of sugar-free Blue Gatorade and Green Hawaiian Punch! First, pour a few drops of blue food coloring on the Gatorade. Fill up a mason jar glass with ice, then fill in ¾ of the glass with Green Hawaiian Punch. Slowly pour the blue Gatorade on top using an upside-down spoon. The blue Gatorade should float on top of the green.

Bake a Pokémon pizza.

A pizza that looks like a Poke ball will be the life of the party at any Pokemon-themed or video game-themed party! All you need is a frozen cheese pizza, pepperoni slices, and a small can of chopped black olives. Since the pizza is already round, it can easily resemble a Poke ball with a little bit of styling. First, make a small circle at the center of the pizza by using black olives. Then, make a horizontal line at the center using black olives. Put pepperoni all over the top half of the pizza, then add more cheese on the bottom part. Bake the pizza according to package instructions, and serve!

Serve some Nintendo Switch ice cream sandwiches.

Serve some Nintendo Switch ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches are a fun and yummy sweet treat for any summer party. Attendees, especially kids, would love it if it resembles their favorite gaming console – the Nintendo Switch. All you need to do is to buy some ice cream sandwiches. Then, using a rolling pin and some red, blue, and black fondant, create the shape and appearance of Switch controllers, complete with its joystick and buttons. Unwrap ice cream sandwiches and arrange the fondant on top of the ice cream sandwich. Use white icing to “glue” the controllers to the ice cream sandwich. Put it back in the freezer until ready to serve.

Give away Oreo cookies with M&Ms and white icing.

Give kids a pack of Oreo cookies as party favors. Make it a fun craft activity they can do at home by adding some M&Ms, white icing, and some instructions. With your party favor pack, instruct them to recreate the designs of video game controller buttons using Oreo cookies, icing, and M&Ms. The kids will have a blast, and they will enjoy it nevertheless!

Make it a BBQ party.

Make it a BBQ party

Gamers often spend most of their days indoors in front of their computers or gaming consoles. Try to make it more special by hosting a BBQ party in your backyard. There are many options on foods to serve at a BBQ party, plus backyard games to keep everyone on their feet