Kanye West and His Controversial Actions

KanyeOmari West is one of the most famous American rappers and fashion designers. He is also known for being a record producer. He has remained very influential in the development of mainstream hip hop and popular music. He was born in Atlanta and Got raise in Chicago. His music career started in 1996 and he’s still proceeding with that. In 2019 he presented Jesus is King and Donda: With Child.

Kanye West has been very famous for his crazy stuff and controversies. It’s not easy being crazy and controversial. Facing so many backlashes and hate comments is not an easy thing when you are controversial. However, Kanye West has never chosen to be uncontroversial and easy. He is always found in the headlines with some outrage that he has struck. Kanye, a designer who is married to Kim Kardashian, a reality star, shares four children with her, and the couple never fails to amuse all the audience with their controversies.

2013, Joining Adidas from Nike

In 2013, West began to climb the ladder in the sponsorship world. The Yeezus album was the rapper’s hallmark anti-establishment with tracks like New Slaves. However, the switch can be attributed to West’s problems with Nike. The sportswear brand was only interested in leveraging his name and not his ideas for marketing. This made West switch to Adidas by the end of the year, a company that coordinated with West to release one of its best-selling shoe lines.

2014, Covering Vogue

Starting from 2014 when Kim and Kanye covered Vogue. Not every former adult tape star and a controversial rapper gets featured on Vogue. It was a great shock for the majority of the fashion world seeing Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the cover page of the Vogue magazine that year.

This controversy can be marked as one of Kanye’s most controversial moments. It can also be seen as Kanye is beginning in the fashion world. They received backlash after appearing on Vogue cover however the couple looked great and the chief editor also didn’t have any objection to their appearance.

2016, Kanye Asking Zuckerberg For 1 Billion Dollar Investment

Yes, you read it right. Kanye actually had no shame when he disclosed that he was in serious debt. He admitted in one of his tweets that he needed 53 million dollars to pay his Debt. In another tweet of his, he also mentioned that he needs people to invest in his creative ideas and projects. He went so far that he mentioned Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg in his tweet to invest 1 billion dollars in his ideas. This can be noted as one of the most controversial moments of Kanye West and almost everyone knows about it.

2016, Attacking Wiz Khalifa

If you are a Kanye follower then you couldn’t have missed this Twitter beef. If you have been using Twitter all that time then you must have caught your timeline flooded with all the rants and backlashes that got tweeted by the rest of the followers.

It all started when Kanye in one of his tweets mentioned that he wants to name his album as the Waves. After which Wiz Khalifa accused Kanye of not respecting Max B. Max B was the one who popularised Wave and wavy in rap. This whole fight went a step ahead and it ended up Kanye eventually claiming that the Wiz’s child is his instead. Ps: Wiz has a child with Amber Rose who has been Kanye’sEx.

2016, Tweeting Bill Cosby is Innocent

As part of the promotions for this The Life of Pablo Album, the rapper revealed a new track on New Year Eve titled Facts. In this track, one of the lyrics was related to Bill Cosby. More specifically, Kanye asked if anyone felt bad for Cosby. West then went on to tweet that the guy is innocent – without any proof, which angered worldwide who considered it as the rapper coming to the defense of the comedian (against sexual assault accusations). Cosby was eventually found guilty and had to face jailtime of 3-10 years.

2007, Kanye Ranting About Losing VMA’s

Kanye has always been the one who easily dismisses and gets offended with the awards that he does not win. Back in the year, Kanye got upset when he lost all the five awards that he got nominated for. He also got offended with the fact that he was not asked to be on the main stage to play like Britney Spears for Justin Timberlake. After which he threatened MTV VMA that he will never attend VMA ever again. However, he could not hold to the threat for a longer time.

2006, Comparing Himself To Jesus

He named his sixth album Yeezus. Kanye West got posted for Rolling Stone where he was seen wearing a Crown of thorns and had blood marks on his face. Afterward, he claimed that he can do a direct comparison of him and Jesus. Well, that is pretty apparent that he was striving for recognition, attention, and Fame. However, after this Kanye had to admit that people now look at him like he is somewhat Hitler and it has got hard to walk down the street.

2014, Being Disrespectful To A Guy On A Wheelchair

In 2014 Kanye had a concert in Sydney where he asked all of his fans to get on their feet. It could have remained uncontroversial and ok if he wouldn’t have expected everyone to do it. However, a person who was in the wheelchair couldn’t physically comply with Kanye’s demands. To which Kanye replied that he won’t sing until everyone doesn’t stand. Seems quite insensitive? Well, the conversation did not end here as well. The guy on the wheelchair said “ok we all gotta wait then” after which Kanye had the audacity to complain how unbelievable it is for him to wait for so long.  However, in the end, Kanye said that it is ok if the fan is not standing up.

2015, Indecent Joke With Beck

Kanye has always been so habitual of defending Beyonce on the stage. Once Kanye disagreed that the album of Beck Morning Phase deserved an award in 2015. For some time it looked like a joke however it wasn’t. But later Kanye covered it up as a joke and apologized for Beck in a tweet.

2016, Bashing Taylor Swift

In 2016 things were already going interesting about Kanye and he was already famous for all the controversies. However, he decided to Grab another controversy and he got into A Feud with Taylor Swift. It all started when he released his song famous and shamelessly called Taylor Swift a b****. This particularly struck an outrage among all the other celebrities and Swift’s fans. Not only this but people also found Kanye’s song pretty tasteless and a flop. Later Kanye tweeted that he has got his wife and Taylor Swift’s Well wishes and blessings because he patched up with her.

2016, Meets Trump

Have you counted how many times have you seen the year 2016 for Kanye’s controversies? 2016 was Kanye’s year for controversies. This year he was seen entering the Trump Tower to have a meet up with the president of the US. Later Kanye revealed that he had a meeting with Trump to discuss bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago. So many people framed it as Trump’s stunt to gain black popularity and the trust of the black community. Did you know Kanye even turned his hair blonde to show support for the former president during his early tenure? This made some fans turn against it.


Well, this ain’t all of the controversies and these are a few major controversies of Kanye West. We all know that he surely will come up with some new stuff and a lot of more shocking moments. And who’s to know he would run for the presidential seat again? The guy is interesting and full of surprises, to say the least.