Who is Pistol Youth?

Music has no language – people can connect from all around the world to enjoy rhythmic tunes that touch their minds and heart. Pistol Youth is a band consisting of four members living in different countries but connected through music. Ben Gibbard and The Postal Service gave the idea of creating this band. Bradley Carter, singer and guitarist of Pistol Youth, started his long-distance project across the internet by bringing together his old friends located in different countries. Carter named the project “Pistol Youth” because he was adamant that he had been forced to grow much too quickly.

All thanks to the internet that while living in Los Angeles, Carter could reconnect with bass player Anders Borgh in Sweden, drummer Gavin Kerr in New Zealand, and guitarist Michael Guy in Australia. In 2007, Carter contacted all three of his friends who were scattered around the globe and shared his idea of forming a band.

They all loved the idea, after which Carter wrote a few songs that were sent to other band members via email. After recording their parts in their respective country, they would send it back to Carter. This is how Pistol Youth band members recorded the six-track EP “Smiling Can Backfire” without even meeting in person.

Carter believed that it would have sounded different had the band jammed together before recording the track. Nevertheless, it was an exciting experience for them to do it this way! In 2008, after receiving a lot of appreciation and positive feedback from the listeners, the members decided to meet for the first time. All three of them flew to LA to meet Carter and wrote seven more songs that were recorded in the studio.

It allowed them to hang out together and know each other better while enjoying music. Pistol Youth decided to share their experience of a long-distance relationship with their fans through a music video. The music director had to fly to each country with the cardboard-cutouts of the band members. In this way, they shared their band’s story with the audience and received much love in return.

Although the band started with a DIY approach, their album “My Own Private Amsterdam” was recorded in a studio. It did take them a lot of time in each step of the record and release process with members living around the world. Regardless, their songs are liked by the audience.

Music Beyond Borders

The Internet has played a major role in music evolution. Musicians all over the world can connect online to create a masterpiece. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, have made it much easier to collaborate with musicians across the border. Although the result of producing music online is distinctively different from recording in a studio, it is more convenient to record at your own home.

Music artists have busy schedules, and this way, they can record at their convenience, which can be later combined to create the final music product. Recording the song may take longer, but connecting with different musicians worldwide can deliver brilliant work of art.

Like Pistol Youth, many young musicians can work together beyond borders to produce all forms of music. They can join hands with talented musicians irrespective of their location and, if needed, occasionally meet to work on their project.