Who are the top 20 celebrity chefs?

What’s the first name that comes to mind when you think of world-renowned chefs? Is it Gordon Ramsay? Jamie Oliver? Wolfgang Puck? Who is Rachel Ray? With so many celebrity chefs constantly appearing in our news feeds and on our televisions, it can be difficult to keep up with what everyone is doing and to determine who is the cream of the crop – pardon the pun.  Of course they all follow in the footsteps of the amazing Julia Child

A few of the more fortunate individuals have achieved fame and financial success in this manner. However, becoming a celebrity chef comes with a unique set of risks. In and of itself, running a successful restaurant is difficult. Doing so on a global scale is nearly impossible for all but a handful of the top 20 celebrity chefs, who are listed in this article.

1. Emeril Lagasse


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It would be difficult not to place Emeril Lagasse first on a list of renowned chefs. This is a position he has certainly earned. He has years upon years of experience and he can practically handle anything. He is equally at ease preparing relatively simple or extremely complex dishes, and he has the ability to guide others through the process, thereby enabling them to prepare dishes that they would not have considered otherwise. Whether he is operating a restaurant, appearing as a guest on a television show, or writing a cookbook, he does it all with ease. When you combine all of this with his years of experience, it would be difficult for anyone to perform better than him.

2. Gordon Ramsay


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Gordon Ramsay is, to no one’s surprise, the most popular chef in the world. The ultra-famous chef and TV personality is likely the most famous celebrity chef in history. His career includes a total of 16 (!) Michelin stars, numerous awards, and a long list of popular television programs, such as Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef US, and Kitchen Nightmares, which have spawned countless memes.

3. Guy Fieri


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According to Google search volume in 2022, Guy Fieri is the second most popular chef in the world. The Emmy-winning American restaurateur is one of the most popular and prolific television personalities in the industry. He has appeared on numerous Food Network cooking programs, including Guy’s Big Bite, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and Minute to Win It.

4. Paula Deen


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Undoubtedly, she is a celebrity who spends a great deal of time in the kitchen, but she wasn’t particularly well-known until a few years ago, when she made headlines for remarks that she should have left unsaid. At the time, she had a Food Network show and her popularity was growing, but she had not attained the same level of notoriety as some of the other individuals on this list. She has her own television show and is occasionally featured on the covers of various magazines. Currently, she appears to be doing better than ever. Hopefully, the experience taught her something. As is so often the case, it appears that the publicity she received at the time was instrumental in propelling her career.

5. Wolfgang Puck


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Even those who know nothing about cooking and have no interest in following celebrity chefs or other famous people have at least heard of Wolfgang Puck. He is without a doubt one of the most well-known celebrity chefs in this group. This makes sense, especially considering that he has been performing this type of work for decades. In reality, he was a celebrity chef long before it became fashionable. In addition, because of his years of experience, he has the ability to comprehend things that those who are newer to the industry have not yet grasped. Granted, many things can be taught, but some things can only be learned through experience. Without a doubt, Wolfgang Puck has the experience to do virtually anything he desires, which is a major reason for his success. This is also the reason why he is so in demand.

6. Michael Caines


In 2017, Michael Caines opened Lympstone Manor, a luxurious country house and hotel in East Devon that was constructed around a historic estate from the 1760s. Six months after opening, Lympstone Manor was awarded a Michelin star due to his diligence. Caine’s resume includes cooking for the British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street and multiple appearances on MasterChef and other television programs. Since 1994, when he lost his right arm in an accident, he has accomplished everything single-handedly.

7. Jamie Oliver


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Jamie Oliver, a British chef, is one of the most beloved figures in the industry, renowned for his laid-back approach to contemporary cuisine. More than thirty series have featured him, including the award-winning The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and Jamie’s Kitchen. Oliver is also the second best-selling author in the United Kingdom, behind only Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling, and a bit of a movie star, having voiced the health inspector in Ratatouille (2007).

8. Julia Child

Who does not recognize Julia Child? A valid argument could even be made that she is almost solely responsible for the current fame of the majority of chefs. Most people would find it difficult to disagree with the statement that she paved the way for those who followed in her footsteps. This is even more significant when you consider the time period in which she chose to establish her reputation. At that time, the majority of women were expected to stay at home, cook, clean, and care for the children.

9. Bobby Flay


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American chef Bobby Flay is another well-known figure who has been a fixture on our television screens for years. He has appeared on at least 16 Food Network series and owns restaurants in Las Vegas, New York City, and Atlantic City. Flay has a degree in culinary arts and is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York City, one of the best culinary schools in the United States at the time (the school is now permanently closed)

10. Anthony Bourdain 


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The majority of people have heard of the late Anthony Bourdain, even if they have no interest in cooking. He has been highly regarded as a professional chef for many years, and he has also managed a number of restaurants. In addition, he has gained notoriety as the host of a television show that travels the world and samples various foods. The majority of these foods are ones that most Americans have never heard of. Additionally, he has appeared on numerous shows that judge amateur chefs. His personality is one of the attributes for which he is notorious. As is the case with many chefs, he can be quite outspoken, to the point where many people believe he is rude. From his perspective, he simply attributes it to his upbringing in New Jersey.

11. Giada De Laurentiis

Based on Google search volume, the Italian-American chef Giada De Laurentiis is the most popular female chef in the world. De Laurentiis was born in Rome, Italy, and raised in Los Angeles. She began her career in the culinary industry by attending Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. One of her early jobs was at Spago, the Beverly Hills location of Wolfgang Puck’s first restaurant.

De Laurentiis has appeared on numerous Food Network programs throughout her career, including Chefography, Behind the Bash, and Giada’s Weekend Getaways. Her outstanding work on television earned her three Daytime Emmys. She is the author of several cookbooks, including one of the best Italian cookbooks available, Everyday Italian Recipes.

12. Curtis Stone


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Curtis Stone has appeared on nearly every television show as a professional chef. He has appeared as a guest star on other cooking shows, hosted his own cooking shows or specials, and even appeared on morning news shows for their cooking segments. In all likelihood, he has appeared on any televised program involving the preparation of some type of food. It’s fascinating to learn that he was trained by another famous chef, Marco Pierre White. In London, the two of them worked together. Stone prefers to spend the vast majority of his time in the kitchen, despite the fact that many people mistake him for a television heartthrob based on his appearance. However, it is intriguing that he and Pierre White worked together for a time, especially considering that both of them are often misidentified as movie stars rather than chefs.

13. Rick Bayless


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Rick Bayless was raised in Oklahoma, but his specialty is authentic Mexican cuisine. Given that he did not grow up in Mexico and his family is not of Mexican ancestry, this initially confounds a great number of people. However, he did have a childhood interest in becoming a chef, despite majoring in something entirely different in college. Ultimately, he and his wife traveled to Mexico, where they decided to remain for some time. This resulted in his decision to open a fine dining restaurant, his lifelong ambition. He specialized in Mexican cuisine, and his restaurant was a tremendous success. Today, he is renowned for his south of the border-inspired works. In fact, many individuals may consider him to be the best chef who is currently creating Mexican-inspired dishes.

14. Rick Stein


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Rick Stein, who was born in England in 1947, is one of Britain’s most renowned celebrity chefs. He operates twelve restaurants in the United Kingdom and two in Australia, where he spent his youth. After graduating from Oxford University and operating a small nightclub with a friend, Stein began his career as a chef. When the club was shut down by the police, the couple decided to use their restaurant license to avoid going bankrupt.

In addition to his restaurant businesses, Stein has appeared on numerous BBC cooking programs, such as Rick Stein’s Seafood Odyssey, Taste of the Sea, and Great Railway Journeys, and has published a number of highly regarded cookbooks.

15. Michael Mina


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When most people think of Michael Mina, the first word that comes to mind is professionalism. The most important thing to remember about him is that things were not always easy for him. In reality, he struggled as a young man and was forced to forge his own path. It is essential to keep in mind that the culinary industry is extremely competitive, with only the absolute best making it to the top. Being relatively competent is never sufficient. The thing that distinguishes him from virtually everyone else is that he had to create opportunities for himself at every turn, and he did so. Things were never easy for him, but he never gave up on his ambitions. Fortunately, he chose to persevere, and today he is experiencing a level of success that only a handful of people ever achieve.

16. Rachael Ray


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If you use expressions such as “Oh my gravy!” or “yum-o” while cooking, you can thank American chef Rachael Ray. ‘EVOO’ (extra virgin olive oil) was even added to the Oxford American College Dictionary as one of her catchphrases. Ray has used this phrase frequently in the Rachael Ray and 30-Minute Meals series.

The shows earned her two Daytime Emmys and two nominations and are among the most-watched on television. Rachael Ray was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people and won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Television Cook.

17. Ina Garten


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There is a good chance that you are familiar with Ina Garten. Nevertheless, you may not be completely familiar with her name. People are far more familiar with her Food Network show, Barefoot Contessa, which is titled Barefoot Contessa. If you’ve only encountered it once or twice, you may not have realized that these two names refer to the same individual. Even those who happen upon the show by accident eventually become fans. She is constantly experimenting with new recipes, the majority of which can be replicated by her fans for their own families. She also has a successful product line and has written numerous successful cookbooks.

18. Masaharu Morimoto


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Nowadays, the term “Iron Chef” is used quite frequently. However, the term is intended to denote a professional chef who is among the very best. In reality, only a small number of professionals can legitimately use the term “Iron Chef.” This person has the distinction of holding this title in both the United States and the Far East. Very few people can make such a claim with integrity. In addition to his exceptional skill and obvious success in the kitchen, he has also opened a number of restaurants in cities throughout the United States. He owns multiple restaurants on both coasts and throughout the country. According to all accounts, his restaurants offer superior quality and produce dishes that he personally approves. Even though he operates a large number of restaurants, he keeps a close eye on everything that is going on. If they are to be associated with his name, he wants to ensure that the quality is never compromised and that the customers receive more than they anticipate.

19. Art Smith


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Smith is probably best known for serving as Oprah Winfrey’s chef from 1997 to 2007. He is a Southern cuisine expert.

He has also prepared meals for a number of political figures and world leaders, including former Florida governors Jeb Bush and Bob Graham, former US President Barack Obama, and the King of Sweden.

Smith is a monthly contributor to Oprah.com and O Magazine and the author of three award-winning cookbooks. Since 2011, Smith has been the executive chef at the New York City restaurant Joanne Trattoria, which is owned by Lady Gaga’s parents.

20. Matty Matheson


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Matty Matheson spent his childhood summers at his grandfather’s restaurant in DeSable, The Blue Goose. This is where he first discovered his talent for handling meat and gained his first culinary experience. He began his career at Le Select Bistro, then La Palette, and in 2010 he became executive chef at the Toronto restaurant Parts & Labour.

Matheson was featured on Vice Media’s online show Munchies due to his skill as a chef and his outgoing and vivacious personality. The Viceland series It’s Suppertime and Dead Set on Life, along with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! soon followed. Matheson has opened three pop-up restaurants in Toronto and Fort Erie since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.