Where are the Best Cities to Visit for Blues Music?

Blues originated in the early 1860s by the African Americans. It is always taken as a symbol of sadness and depression. In other words, it is more of a representative of expressions rather than words. But the real question is why the blues are so important to Americans? The answer can be found in the Mississippi Delta of the south of the United States. This is where the blues was born. 

The slaves who worked under challenging conditions sang spirituals in the churches and the fields while working. Over time, the songs came to be called the Blues. Blues music has inspired countless types of music. All of them have different styles but the same origin. 

Since blues music is among the oldest genre of American times, what are the cities you should be visiting if you still have the desire to entertain from it? Following is a list of main cities you can visit to feel the real essence of blues music: 

1. Tunica

Tunica, located in the United States, is still visited by artists searching for information on blues. Tunica is not just a city, but a place that takes you back in the older times via the Gateway to the Blues Museum. The visitors find themselves immersing in history and stepping back in time by just visiting this museum.

It is a must-stop to find out the beginning of the endless journey of the blues. It does not just provide an exhibition for blues music but also lets your inner musician out. There are interactive sessions that let the visitors compose their songs. After this, you can record your blues songs in the setting created within this museum. 

2. Indianola, Mississippi 


Indianola is one of the historical cities located in the United States that has successfully held the memories of the ancient as well as the revolutionized Blues music. Among the other spectacles, you should not be missing out on the Club Ebony, a remarkable memorial of Blues music. Johnny Jones created it after World War II, later owned by B.B. King, a blues composer, guitarist, and producer. 


Well-known artists have been performing in this nightclub. To date, the club offers some shows each year and keeps the Blues alive in the hearts of the folks. This place should not be missed out on if you are searching for places that still offer blues music.


Then comes the B.B. King Museum, which depicts the life of famous musicians, the history of African-Americans, and the struggle the locals had to go through when this form of music came to life. 

Not only this, but you will see how blues got merged and modified to be the mother of many latest music types listened to today. 

3. Clarksdale, Mississippi


Since the advent of the Blues, Clarksdale has been known and visited for its search. It houses the most iconic places for blues music: Rock and Blues Museum and the Delta Museum. People believe that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil at the cost of playing guitar. 

The Delta Museum has preserved all the essentials related to the blues for its folks. Not only does it hold the musical content, but it also contains the pieces of art that reflect the blues tradition. People visit this museum to recall the struggles the commoners went through via art. Many artists have visited this museum and have raised money for support.

A documentary has also been made on this museum. Not only do the museums reflect the significance of blues music, but also the city ensures blues performances at places, including Ground Zero Blues Club and the Red’s Lounge. 

4. St. Louis


This city of Missouri cannot be skipped while talking about the cities preserving Blues music. St. Louis is the second-largest city in Missouri. This city has places like BB’s Jazz club, Blues and Soups Club, and the Beale on Broadway Club that offer you blues entertainment. 

In addition, the National Blues Museum gives you interactive sessions just like that of the Gateway of the Blues Museum in Tunica. After these sessions, you can have your songs recorded too. 

5. Chicago


Next on your list for visiting for blues music should be Chicago. Chicago is known for hosting the largest blues festival called the Chicago Blues Festival. This festival is organized to entertain the audience with free blues music. What else can a blues lover ask for? 

Chicago is the third most famous city in the United States, inhabiting a large population. People visit this city in June to attend the blues festival that is held each year. 

6. Memphis 


Memphis has been the center of attraction to blues performers for centuries. To date, people come here to be entertained with the blues. It has significant importance in the history of blues. Places like Beale Street are pedestrian-friendly and major tourists attraction. 

Beale Street is a pedestrian favorite because of the presence of Blues Music clubs in the whole street. You will have multiple options to get entertained by the Blues. Another destination for the fans of Blues music is the Sun Studio. 

7. Nashville 


This city of Tennessee has given many of the icons the platform to start with the music using different instruments. Many musicians and guitarists, including Jimi Hendrix, have reported starting their career in Nashville. 

Nashville has many places where you can visit and learn more about the history of blues music. These places include Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and RCA Studio B. You will never regret visiting Nashville if you are really into blues music. 


Blues music is very important in the history of America. You can never skip these cities if you are searching for blues music. Pack your luggage and get ready to entertain your souls with one of the most ancient music of all time.

The blues has been the cause for starting many other musical forms that are known today, so is considered to be the mother of all music types. More than lyrics, the composers focus on the expression of sadness and depression. You can feel the sadness and heartbreak by listening to this genre of music.