What Extreme Sports Can Older People Do?

As people age, some of them start believing that they no longer have the energy to take part in sports and fitness activities regularly. But, those who have remained adventurous all their lives find it difficult to sit back and relax as they approach their 50s or 60s. We believe age is just a number, and you should continue living your life and enjoy every bit of it while you can.

The more you lack physical activities, the more health problems you are likely to face. Don’t let your age come between you and your love for thrill-seeking activities. You may think you need to slow down, but keep living on the edge to have some fun.

Your health might restrict you from engaging in some of the extreme sports; however, we have sorted that out for you. Here are the top five extreme sports that you can do even when you feel you can’t because you’re never too old to do what you love!

1. Scuba Diving

a woman scuba diving

Scuba diving is one way to stay active without the risk of injuring your joints. Take that plunge in the clear water and experience the wonders of the ocean. It is a good exercise for strengthening your health and lowering your blood pressure. If you love water and ocean life, then this is the best way to explore it. All you need to have is your scuba diving equipment and a well-trained instructor to help you.

Don’t think of putting away that wetsuit yet; there’s so much to discover in the underwater world. You might have spent enough time on boring and mundane day-to-day activities, but now it’s time to do something exciting.

You can reconnect with nature through scuba diving; however, you need to undergo regular health checkups before signing up for it. Christy Ooi, a 65-year-old dive instructor, believes that scuba diving is important to keep yourself in shape, not only physically but mentally too.

After the session, you can socialize with like-minded people to share your stories and adventures with food and drinks. You may also get some divulge tips for your next dive.

2. Sky Diving

two men sky diving

It is certainly a very exhilarating experience to jump off a plane. We are sure this is on your bucket list too! The good news for all the senior citizens is that sky diving is not youth restricted, without any upper age limit.

Al Blaschke, a 103-year-old man, made a world record for doing a tandem jump out of an airplane. Anna Mae Milnar, another 81-year-old woman, has jumped at the Wisconsin Skydiving Center for a whopping 13 times.

Looking at these examples, it is safe to say that this extreme sport isn’t only for the adrenaline-fueled college students. All you need to ensure is that you are in great shape with no heart problems or other age-related illnesses. You need to demonstrate moderate mobility and should be able to lift your legs for safe landing so that the instructor touches the ground first.

3. Mountain Biking

a person mountain biking

You may feel you are too old to try mountain biking now that you have turned 50 and have become a little slower than you used to be. However, if you’re young at heart, then you should keep following your dreams. If you think you are fit as a fiddle, then there’s nothing that can stop you from tearing down hills on two wheels, jumping over logs, and cornering cliff edges.

Luders, now 65 years old, started biking when he received it as a present for his 40th birthday. He has been enjoying the ride since then in exciting locations. And if cycling is something that you have enjoyed all your life, then don’t give up on it now.

Mountain biking brings joy to your life no matter the age. It helps the seniors stay fit without much exertion, as it is a great low-impact exercise. Get your hands on a specialist bike with all the safety gear, and off you go!

4. Marathon Running

female and male runners on a marathon

Running is one of the best cardio exercises that strengthen your heart and burns calories. As you age, there is less physical activity, which contributes to deteriorating your skeletal muscles. Therefore, running can help improve physical and mental health. Although you may think running is easy, you must carefully plan your running points in the right direction for a successful experience.

Don’t do it because you want to compete and prove that you are in the same shape as you were in your twenties. Instead, the experience should be stress-free without any performance expectations. Listen to your body and maintain a low pace to make it a relaxing experience. If you feel tired, then stop for some rest and then continue further.

While it is believed that running ruins your knees, the studies, on the contrary, have shown that it is beneficial for knee joints! There is nothing wrong with taking it slow; in fact, that’s the law of running. Take a break and enjoy your surroundings if you feel you need to recover your breath.

5. Extreme Golf

a person playing golf

Golf is often considered to be a boring sport, but how about taking a swing from the top of a cliff? It sure sounds fun! Imagine needing a helicopter to get to the top; some extreme golfing locations can give you a lifetime experience.

One such example is the 19th hole at the Legend course in Pretoria, where you have to take a chopper to the top of Hanglip Mountain. Although it can cost up to £700 for four players, with the helicopter rise, along with six balls to hit from up high is worth it! And don’t forget about the prize worth over $1 million for the winner to make a hole in one.

There’s another chilly golf course in Uummannaq, Greenland, which is home to World Ice Golf Championship. Playing on frozen fjords in zero temperature is sure an example of extreme golf. Playing in such extreme conditions wouldn’t be too easy, but super exciting. Make sure you are well-layered and trained to spot frostbite before it’s too late. You must visit these golf courses to add little excitement to your dull life. Don’t let aging restrict you from doing what you love to do.

Extreme Sport: Stay Fit, Play Safe!

It is never too late to enjoy your life. You may have spent your entire life working and earning for your family, but now that you are retired, take this as an opportunity to tick-off sky diving or any other extreme sport from your bucket list.

Explore the ocean life with scuba diving and swim in the calm water. These activities will help you stay both physically and mentally fit while having some fun. Remember, you are only as old as you feel! If you think you are ready to ride that bike again in the tricky trails, then go for it. Take that adventure holiday you have wished for.

It is undeniable that your body may not be functioning as it was when you were young, but you can still do what pleases you. However, you should follow safety advice, meet the instructor, and get the right safety equipment and gear to avoid injuries. Being involved in extreme risk-taking activities is an excellent way to remain fit, but if you get injured, it could be irreversible.