Learn About the Extreme Sport Zorbing

Participants in zorbing, an extreme sport that involves rolling around in an inflatable ball, get a good workout. On a slope or a leveled surface, it’s usually practiced on. A variety of materials can be used for the ramps, including wood and metal. Popular at theme parks where it’s done on water, zorbing has a long history. Participants get into a zorb and begin zorbing after sealing themselves inside.

A harnessed orb or a non-harnessed orb is the most common type of orb used in events. Non-harnessed orbs, on the other hand, have the capacity to carry three to four people at once. The harnessed one, on the other hand, is limited to a maximum capacity of one or two riders.

In order to allow the zorbing ball to turn and roll properly, it is made up of two separate transparent flexible plastic layers that are connected by one hundred pieces of rope. It’s easier to roll down an inclined surface in a zorb than a beach ball because it’s larger than the beach ball.

Zorbing’s History

Zorbing’s history goes back to the 1970s, when hamster balls were first made. In the past, the balls were made for small rodents as pets. Even though the first zorbing ball was made by the Dangerous Sports Club in the 1980s, when they made a hollow 23-meter sphere with room for two chairs inside it.

Since 1990, when the Gladiators event “Atlaspheres” was first shown on TV, the human spheres have been shown in the media.

Around the middle of the 1990s, zorbing became a real sport. David and Andrew Akers from New Zealand’s Rotorua brought up the new idea. The green light was given right away, and the sport became very popular.

In the 1991 movie Armour of God II: Operation Condor, starring Jackie Chan, there was a stunt scene with a flexible plastic ball that looked like a zorb ball. Soon, playing with zorb balls became the hardest sport in the world of adventurers. In 1994, a company called Zorb Limited was set up in New Zealand to sell zorb spheres.

The main goal of Zorb Limited was to sell more activity balls and make the game more well-known. It is a popular dance in many countries today. Hill riding events are very popular and are often held in New Zealand, the UK, Canada, Phuket, and other places.

In the past few years, a lot of injuries have made people wonder if the game is still worth playing. In the Czech Republic in 2009, one person died and another was badly hurt when their zorbs went off track. After a number of deaths in the sport, the Russian government passed safety laws in 2013.

The Zorb

Zorbing Balloon on the summer lawn

The ball, which is often called an orb or zorb, is 15 to 15 m in diameter and weighs between 80 and 90 kg. The air cushion between the inner and outer spheres of the orb is what keeps the ball’s elasticity. About 500 strings link these spheres together.

There is only one way into the ball. Once you’re inside a Zorb, there’s no way out. While inside the Zorb, the zorbonaut needs to know that he or she can only get out if someone on the outside opens the zipper.

The most time you should stay inside an orb ball is 15 minutes. This is because a person inside the ball will use up all the oxygen there is. Since the ball is waterproof and airtight, air can’t get in or out. This means that if someone stays in the ball for a long time, they can easily suffocate.

There are two kinds of orbs that can be used for zorbing: those that are harnessed and those that are not. Harnessed orbs are smaller on the inside, so they can only carry one or two riders at a time. A non-harnessed orb can carry up to four riders because it is built to hold more people.

Zorbing can be done wet or dry. In wet zorbing, about 50 liters of water are put inside the ball’s inner sphere. In dry zorbing, no water is used, and the hands and legs of the zorbonaut are put in a starfish position.

Who can go Zorbing

When is it too old to use a Zorb ball? Well, there is no limit on how old you can be to Zorb. This is something that people of all ages can enjoy doing. You can get inside a Zorb and have the time of your life, no matter what age you are. You can be a zorbonaut if you want.

Children who want to go Aqua Zorbing must be at least six (6) years old. Because a zorbonaut body is used, there is no age limit for harness zorbing. To join, the only rule is that you have to be at least 4ft 5in tall. They shouldn’t be left alone, even if they say they’re fine on their own. A supervisor should be close by.

When kids have zorbing parties, an adult should be there to watch over them. Also, it should be made sure that the zorbs are safe for kids so that no one gets hurt.

Rules for Zorbing that everyone should know

Zorbing is governed by a few simple rules, primarily for your own safety. There are many reasons for this, the primary one being that it isn’t a competitive sport. Some of these guidelines are as follows:

  • Garments with zippers are not appropriate attire.
  • Moving forward, it is important not to collide with anyone else.
  • Be sure to take off all jewelry before zorbing.
  • No more than 360 pounds (180 kilograms) should be carried by the Zorbonauts.
  • It is important for Zorbonauts to empty their wallets.
  • People outside of an orb cannot be approached by Zorbonauts.
  • The zorb should have a thickness of about 0.8 millimeters, or about 0.03 inches.


Aqua Zorbing

In aqua zorbing, there are no straps, so you are free to move around inside the ball as it rolls down the hill. This is different from harness zorbing, where there are straps.

You think it sounds like something bad? Really not! This is a tamer version of the fun of zorbing that the whole family can try. About 30 liters of water will be inside the ball to soften the ride, so yes, you will get wet and yes, you will have a great time.

When the ball starts to move, you will slip and slide around inside it with all the water around you, just like you are in a big washing machine. You and up to two other thrill-seekers will just ride the water as you slide down the hill.

Even though it sounds crazy, aqua zorbing, which is sometimes called “Aqua Sphering,” is less scary and makes you sick less than harness zorbing. For one thing, you’ll never be upside down inside the ball as the water moves you. The only thing is that you should really wear a swimsuit so that your other clothes don’t get wet.

Water Zorbing

The zorb water ball is like a big hamster ball for people, and you can take it into the pool with you. But unlike a real hamster ball, this one isn’t made of hard plastic. Instead, it’s made of durable PVC that gives a little bit, which makes it perfect for bouncing on the water. You can crawl inside the inflatable sphere through a waterproof zipper and wait while someone on the outside pumps air into it. Then just zip it up and go!

Land Zorbing

Land zorbing

Land zorbing is the funniest way to get somewhere, as long as it’s downhill. In the Jaisalmer desert, you can go over 20mph down a sand dune. 

Land zorbing is done inside zorbs that have been made to be comfortable and supportive. You will be strapped to a harness in the middle of the zorb. You are protected from lumps and bumps by soft PVC pads and a harness. But don’t get too comfortable, because once you start moving, you’re in for the ride of your life.

Before you go down a sand dune, you will be securely strapped into a land zorbing ball with a partner. The first few turns will help you get used to this amazing ride and push you forward as you start to hurtle downhill. Try not to scream or laugh at the scared looks on your fellow passengers’ faces as you speed up and tear down the sand dunes before stopping at the base. 

Roller Zorbing

You would never have depended on your partner as much as you did during this activity. Move the zorb forward by pedaling, falling, or pushing. If you don’t, you’ll get stuck in the water and have to use your knowledge to get to shore. An activity in which teamwork, strength, and fitness will be crucial to getting to tera firma.

Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is fun to play and funny to watch. It’s the perfect mix of a safe, active, and fun sport with a twist. Climb inside your clear plastic ball and meet the rest of your team. The game is a thrilling mix of soccer and zorbing.

Each game has 4 players on each side, for a total of 8 players on the court.


Try zorbing if you’d like to take your kids on a vacation. Although it appears to be a dangerous sport, it is completely safe. Because of the zorb’s design, it is nearly impossible for a rider to get hurt. Nothing brings joy to a child’s heart like playing pranks on him or her to their parents. You, as a parent, are welcome to join in. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons, give this thrilling sport a shot.