Where to follow the world’s most popular cricket competitions

Cricket is not just a sport that is sincerely loved by the vast majority of the Indian population. Over the years, this game has become more and more popular and widely demanded among all cricket lovers and sports fans in general. Nowadays, countless great cricketers and up-and-coming youngsters take part in various international competitions and tournaments around the world. Among them, there are both domestic championships, for example, confrontations between Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad and other teams within the Indian Premier Cricket League, and large-scale world championships. Every cricketer, experienced or beginner, who is actively building his career in this field or just taking the first steps and planning his future in the world sports arena, dreams of winning any of them.

The biggest cricket competition in the world

There are so many amazing cricket tournaments in store for you this year that every die-hard fan has something to look forward to. International tournaments are those championships in which countries play each other either in a series of head-to-head matches, in a three-nation limited-overs series, or a large tournament with a large number of participants (for example, the ICC World Championship). We will introduce you to the most anticipated and significant of them:

  • ICC Cricket World Cup. This is one of the most prestigious major tournaments, which is held every four years. The event consists of 4 stages. The dream of every cricketer is to proudly and respectfully bear the name of his country as the winner of this championship.
  • ICC Championship Trophy. In the second, one of the most popular tournaments, the weight of the trophy is approximately 7.5 kg. The very first tournament was held in 2011 and India won it, which had a huge impact on India and T20 became very popular all over the world. For a tournament, the level of excitement and the level of energy are irresistible for either the fans or the players.
  • Ashes Series. The Ashes series is dedicated to two nations, two continents between England and Australia. Behind its name is a great story, briefly about the defeat of England by the Australians in 1882. But Australia also promises that they will definitely win the Ashes title, and also intend to win the next series.
  • Twenty20 Championship League. One of the most popular domestic tournaments is Twenty20. Every year it features the most popular cricket teams. It belongs to the BCCI of three countries, Australia and South Africa. At this stage, they need to prove themselves before moving on to the next step – IPL.
  • Indian Premier League. Of course, real cricket fans know firsthand the name “IPL”. This is a tournament that brings together teams of young players – Indian and international, in which most of the matches become exciting and memorable for every spectator. The competition lasts for 2 months, and each season brings a lot of news to cricket fans.
  • NatWest series. This is a tournament that takes place in England on the same day. The championship is one of the best and most exciting international tournaments you will ever see. One of the best tournaments was in 2004 when India beat England by over 324.
  • Asian Cup. This is one of the biggest tournaments that was started in 1984, for some political and other reasons it has not been held twice but remains one of the best in the top 10 best cricket tournaments in the world.
  • T20 World Cup. It is one of the best sources of entertainment and excitement for every cricket fan. The trophy weighs 7.5 kg and all players try their best to win it.

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