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The long process of planning a vacation

September 1, 2017

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We have some exciting news. We have decided to take a trip together to Europe. We are still in the process of planning but will likely be leaving in December. Both Pulley and I have some time off and we have been wanting to go to Europe together for a while. Whilst life is still relatively easy going, I think now is the perfect time for us to get away.

We are summing up our options and want some advice. As this will be our first time away, we can only go off what others are telling us. I though it would be a good idea to list the places we are thinking of visiting below and getting some opinions on what you all think. We have 4 weeks to have the best vacation of our lives.


We have both wanted to go to Italy for a long time, ever since we saw a special on the Amalfi Coast. We would also be interested in going to Cinque Terre. I think we would consider doing a tour around the country. There seems to be a lot to see in Italy itself and I am sure we would have a wonderful time here. The cities that interest us are Rome, Florence and Venice.


Both of our families backgrounds are British, and so it would only be fitting to see the motherland! We know there is plenty to see and do in London but are a bit worried about the cold and lack of daylight in the winter. Does anyone have any knowledge on this? We would also like to go to the countryside and see an old traditional English town.


We have heard some amazing things about Croatia from friends, and although we wouldn’t have considered it before, it is now on our list.¬†Dubrovnik looks really amazing from what we have seen and heard, and I’m sure we could spend our entire 4 weeks here alone.

What do you think? Where should we go? 

Winch and Pulley

Believe it or not we are both men of few words! So this blog will be a challenge.