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Golf spots in Minnesota

October 1, 2016

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We are lucky to have a great range of places to play golf here in Minnesota. Most of these places offer 18 hole courses, and many offer over that, which just shows what a great amount of open space we have here. There are also a few smaller golf courses that we enjoy to play at for a quick game (and because they are near home).

One thing I will always love about Minnesota is the nature. Mother nature has been kind of Minnesota. Many of our golf courses are surrounded by lakes, nature trails and hills. This can mean a challenging game of golf awaits! But it also shows how diverse the landscape is here, and I guess that’s why we often end up playing a game of golf to end the day when our intention was never to play golf at all! We have that flexibility here and it’s not only Donald Trump that can’t play a game of golf 😉 or not!

What follows are what we believe to be the best golf courses in Minnesota. Although they are spread out over the state, Minnesota is a state that is well within traveling distance (in our perspective anyway). So get your clubs, bring the best golf rangefinder you can find and get ready to play!

  • Minnesota National Golf Course

Perhaps the best in Minnesota, the National Golf Course is huge! It has 27 holes and stretches out over 600 acres. The setting is beautiful and there is always people around. The golf course also features 18 holes of a more challenging Championship course. I have attended a few functions here, and one of my good friends even held their wedding here.

  • Superior National Golf Course

    On some of the most beautiful land that Minnesota has, this golf course is popular among all golfers in Minnesota and features 3 of the best 9 hole courses around. About a 2.5 hour drive from the Twin Cities, this golf course is worth a day trip too if you are ever in the area!

  • Cragun’s Resort and Legacy Courses at Cragun’s

    Cragun’s Resort is where we go when we want a 5 star experience! This resort is amazing and makes for the perfect relaxing getaway with our families. Set out over a huge 45 holes (including Bobby’s Legacy and Dutch Legacy Championship courses), the resort also features a pool, dining and kids club. It makes for a beautiful and relaxing weekend.

  • Albion Ridges Golf Course

    Although not a new course, the golf course has experienced changes over the last few years and has become a great 27 hole course. The course has a great atmosphere, the staff are friendly and there is an emphasis on the traditional social atmosphere that golf offers. It can also be a great introduction for new players, and I often bring my son along. It’s close to home too, which helps!

  • Hoyt Lakes Country Club

    With a traditional energy of a country club, the Hoyt Lakes Country Club offers more than just golf. The course itself it wonderful, with a challenging 8 hole, par 36 golf course. But the club definitely offers more than this. Surrounded by lakes and beautiful scenery, there is a nearby fishing and bike riding tracks that offer a great escape. This is usually the reason we head up this way, golf is just an extra!

  • Silver Bay Golf Course

    Silver Bay Golf Course may not be on everyone’s list, but it is on mine! It has been a favorite of my families for a while now and for no particular reason. We just feel comfortable there. The golf course is not anything special, there is a 9 hole course with a driving range. There is also a great shop where you can pick up some accessories and sandwich bar where you can fit in lunch. The price is low and they offer cart rental. Other than that, I guess it just shows that the golf course does not have to be perfect to be loved.

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