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The days of college…

September 23, 2016

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It is fair to say that Daniel (who will now be referred to as “Pulley”) and I got up to a fair bit of trouble in college. Although our naturally competitive nature meant that we studied pretty hard, we also played hard.

Pulley was completing a degree in Architecture and I was following my passion and completing a degree of Arts (even though that isn’t what my future led to). Obviously these courses were pretty full on, but we were lucky enough to be studying close to home and so did not have to live on campus. Half way through our college years though, we decided we wanted some independence and decided to move out together. This is where our troubles began.

Although we have similar interests, we have different personalities that just happen to clash when we lived together. Pulley is a classic prankster that would put saran wrap on the toilet and sirarcha in my coffee. I was slightly more creative.

One time when Pulley was out for the day, I saw my opportunity for fun. I invited my other buddy over and we dressed him up to look like something out of Freddy Cugar and he hid in his bed. I couldn’t wait for this.

I hid when Pulley got home as he went to enter his bedroom, trying to hide my laughter. I could hear him say “hello” to the thing in his bed…. This is where the trouble began. He pulled back the sheets to reveal what I guess hid mind made out to be a dead body (which was my aim). He let out a squeal (I wouldn’t call it a scream) and dialled 911. Shit! How do I explain this one.

Luckily I was able to run to him in time to grab the phone and explain the situation. Confused and irritated, the operator finally understood and I diffused the situation. But calming Pulley down was another story. He didn’t understand anything and could hardly eat the rest of the day. I guess I pushed my limit. I think I may have damaged him psychologically forever.

Anyway, at least I taught him a valuable lesson. From that day onward I never received a hot sauce coffee again.

Winch and Pulley

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