Ping Pong In Rhode Island

April 6, 2018

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It’s true (and you can stop judging us) – Pulley and I love playing pong. And we make no apologies. Pulley is a particularly good player. He seems to have a great eye, even at great speeds and in difficult conditions. I suppose that’s why he found me as a friend.

It started when we purchased a top rated ping pong table from this guide at Gameroommania.

I, however, can confess that I’m not a ping pong player. This is also why I ended up with Pulley as my bestie (joking of course)! This is why when we play ping pong, I need a few accessories to¬†help me play just a bit better – some sunglasses, a pair of gloves and a lot of water.

I always enjoy our ping pong adventures. We had a particularly great time playing ping pong in Rhode Island last summer. They hold a contest every year where members of the public can compete with top ping pong players just for the fun of getting their butts kicked! I was so desperate to finally see Pulley lose, and he was just as eager to show that he could win.

What happened surprised us and and everyone else around us.

Pulley played 3 top players in a row and beat each and every one of them. The players actually started getting angry and became very competitive, whereas before they were hardly even trying and were still winning.

When they actually started trying however they quickly kicked Pulley’s butt. Success! For me anyway.

Everyone congratulated Pulley on his ability and informed him that had he started when he was young he could have been a top player. Unfortunately, his time has passed and it’s no longer on the cards for him, but I do remember him being very good at ping pong in college.

Perhaps you’ll all hear about Pulley the marvellous ping pong player in the future!

Winch and Pulley

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