It’s Almost Christmas!

December 19, 2018

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Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?! Where does the time go! I can’t believe 2018 is almost over. It feels like just yesterday that we were beginning the year.

Anyway, this year I made myself a promise. At the end of the year, I would go over in a public forum (this blog) all the goals I made myself at the beginning of the year and see which ones I stuck to and which ones I failed at. I think this way I am accountable for all my failings and can (hopefully) do a better job next year. Here it goes!

1. Lose 20 pounds

I’ll say it right now. I failed at this one… because I actually lost 30 pounds!!! I started tracking my calories and joined a gym around the start of April. Once I do something like that, my mind is set and my focus is clear. You also find that once you start exercising, actually dieting and sticking to it becomes a whole lot easier. Apparently it’s due to the release of endorphins.

2. Start a second blog

I royally failed at this. I tried to dedicate my time to starting another blog about mid year but I got distracted with work and kids, as well as travel… or maybe I’m just making up excuses. Maybe I don’t even want to start a second blog. I can’t remember why I wanted to in the first place!

3. Quit gluten

Okay, so this one is a half win and half loss. I’ve quit gluten… for the last 2 months. I couldn’t cope the first few tries. There’s gluten in EVERYTHING and I kept thinking it was just too hard. Did you know soy sauce even has gluten!? Anyway, I do feel better thankfully and all the gastrointestinal symptoms I was having seemed to have calmed down.

4. Pay off all my debts

I’m proud to say… this is NEARLY done. I’m not there yet, but I did get awfully close in 2018. Plus, I didn’t accumulate anymore debt… surely that’s a bigger win?

All in all, 2018 was actually a year of successes for me. I’m not so sure about Pulley. He said he would write a post on here doing the same, but we all know that’s unlikely to happen.

Have a great Christmas everyone and an awesome New Years!

Winch and Pulley

Believe it or not we are both men of few words! So this blog will be a challenge.